Customise Your Candidates' Time Zone Setting

Updated 2 years ago by Amy Thomas

The Criteria platform currently offers two time zones: Pacific Time (PT) and Australian Eastern Time (AET), depending on your account's setting.

When your candidates received their assessment invitations, the expiry date was set to one of those time zones. This may have caused confusion for some candidates who live in a different time zone.

Until now! We are very happy to introduce our new Candidate Time Zone setting for your candidates' invitation emails and the assessment centre. In order to improve your candidates' experience with invitations that have an expiration time, we have built a setting that will allow you to select the time zone that will be used when displaying the invitation's expiration times to candidates in their emails and in the assessment centre. 

How does it work?

You can set your Criteria account's preferences to show your candidates their invitation's expiry date in a time zone that is relevant to them.

You can also set the Candidate Time Zone to a different time zone at the job level. If you regularly recruit for jobs in different locations globally, this should help your candidates understand when their invitation will expire.

Please note that your Criteria account will still only display Pacific Time (PT) or Australian Eastern Time (AET). When the invitations are set up, the system will translate the expiry date you set to the time zone you have selected for your candidates' view.

Key benefits

  • Users with access to the Company Preferences page can set a default candidate time zone for invitations, which will be pulled into individual jobs. The setting can then be changed at the job level, if desired. 
  • The default candidate time zone will be Los Angeles or Sydney/Melbourne, depending on your account's settings. 
  • These defaults will automatically update for daylight savings time when appropriate. 
  • The Candidate Time Zone sets the time zone that will be used when displaying event expiration times in candidate invitation emails and the assessment centre. There is no impact to events without an expiration time, as there is no time displayed for these events.

How can I learn more?

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