Invite a New User

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You can easily invite a new user to your Criteria account and provide them with access to certain jobs.

Set up new user

  1. Click on the Settings (avatar) icon in the top right and select Users from the dropdown.
  2. Click the "Create User" button.
  3. Enter the name and contact information for the new user and select an Access Role from the list.
  4. Click "Send Invitation" and the new user will receive an email with login instructions.
  5. Select which jobs to share with the new user. You can select to
    1. Share specific jobs or all jobs.
    2. Give the new user access to the same jobs as an existing user.
    3. Skip this step to not share any jobs with the new user.
  6. Click "Share Jobs".
  7. Set the Notification Preferences for the jobs shared with the new user.
    1. Tick the "Use same notification preference for all jobs below" box and select the option for all jobs shared with the new user.
    2. Select the notification preferences by job.
  8. Click "Save".

Access Roles

Need help with which Access Role to assign? Criteria comes with 3 default Access Roles: Admin, Manager, and User.

Default Access Roles

  • Admin: allows full access to all modules including Settings, where they can manage Users, Teams, Access Roles, Company Preferences, and Integrations. Access to all results for all jobs associated with the company.
  • Manager: allows full access to all modules, except Settings. Access to results for jobs that they have created or jobs that have been shared with them.
  • User: allows view access to Tests and Results. Access to results for jobs that have been shared with them.
  • Collaborator: user who has been invited to complete a specific task such as creating WAA Work Factors Profile or evaluating Video Interviews.

Click here to learn how to create your own custom access role.

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