Review a candidate’s video interview responses after evaluation

Updated 1 year ago by Amy Thomas

People who’ve evaluated a candidate’s video interview may want to view it again later to remind themselves of a candidate’s responses or check something a candidate said. Now they can! 

How does it work?  

  • A user who has been added as an Evaluator for a specific candidate will see a new Review Responses button in the Video Interview tab within a candidate card  
  • The button opens the candidate’s video interview, so the Evaluator can view their responses again. 

Who’s it available for?  

All Criteria platform customers with integrated video interviewing. 

Please note that this function is only available for people who have been assigned as Evaluators. It won’t be available for Admins or other user roles.

How can I learn more?

Click here to view our How To Guide for reviewing your candidates' video interviews.

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