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This video is designed to help users of the Revelian Assessment Management System (AMS) to add time adjustments to Cognify and Emotify to accommodate their candidates' accessibility requirements for the assessment step of the recruitment process. A time adjustment is a type of reasonable adjustment for candidates with a disability.

Below is an overview on making time adjustments to assessments to accommodate the needs of candidates living with a disability or impairment. A time adjustment is one type of reasonable adjustment which can be made to an assessment process. Please review The Quick Guide to Accommodating Accessibility Requirements for more information on making reasonable adjustments to assessment processes. The implementation of any adjustments should be made in consideration of local legislation.


Cognify and Emotify can be adjusted to provide additional testing time to candidates living with a disability or impairment. To implement time adjustments which result in a fair testing process, Revelian recommends following the guidance below: 

1.     Gather information to confirm whether a time adjustment is appropriate (for more information on gathering information see The Quick Guide to Accommodating Accessibility Requirements)

a.     Consult with the candidate on whether a time adjustment is appropriate for their needs, i.e., whether the disability means they need more time to complete tasks associated with the assessment. It is possible that a disability may mean an alternative method of assessment or omitting the assessment is more appropriate for the candidate

b.     Medical documentation can help to confirm whether a time adjustment is appropriate by providing details of the candidate’s experience of the disability.     

2.     Confirm the appropriate amount of extra time to apply to the assessment  

The individuals with most expertise on a candidate's disability are the candidate and their medical practitioner. Revelian recommends consulting with the candidate in conjunction with information provided by medical documentation to determine the time adjustment. Documentation from the candidate’s medical practitioner may specify a recommended time adjustment e.g., 20 minutes extra per hour or 25% extra time. In the absence of this, school or university documentation which specifies a time adjustment, may be applied.   

If no time adjustment recommendation is available, an alternative reasonable adjustment may be appropriate. For more information, please review the Full Guide to Accommodating Accessibility Requirements or contact Customer Support ( 


2.     How do I know if an assessment has been time-adjusted?  

The candidate’s record, in the Time Adjustment Tab will display the time adjustment applied to each mini-game. This is seen in the Percentage and Multiplier columns which will show more than 100% or 1, respectively. The Adjusted Time will show time limit for each mini game, which will be more than Standard time.      

The candidate’s individual and summary reports will state that a time adjustment has been applied to enable a fair testing process. The position report will show a (T) next to any candidates who have had a time adjustment.   

Additional columns in the CSV download of all candidates in a position will show how much extra time was applied to each Cognify or Emotify mini-game, as a percentage of the standard time. For example, where 1.0 is the standard time, 1.10 = 10% extra time, 1.50 = 50% extra time.  


3.     How should time-adjusted assessment scores be interpreted?   

Like all psychometric tests, Revelian assessments are carefully designed to be delivered in a standardised way. Adjusting the time allowed for completion of Cognify and Emotify means a deviation from this standardised process, which means extra care should be taken when interpreting such results. Specifically, clients should consider the candidate’s level of performance compared with the requirements of the job, as opposed to numerically comparing them with other candidates.   

Psychometric testing is one piece of information about a candidate’s suitability for a role. Therefore, Revelian recommends gathering additional information to determine the suitability of a candidate through other parts of the recruitment process. For example, through interviews, assessment centre exercises, work samples or references. Using multiple criteria is shown to lead to more valid and defensible recruitment decisions.  


4.     How do I set up a time adjustment for Cognify or Emotify? 

When a time adjustment has been determined as the most suitable reasonable adjustment, follow the steps below within the Revelian Assessment Management System (AMS) Workspace. For more detail see the video above.

  • Set up the Position   
  • Add Candidate   
  • Invite Candidate to testing   
  • Time Adjustment tab will show 
  • All assessment mini-games will show. Standard time for each mini game will show. 
  • Set time adjustment for each mini-game in one of three ways:  

-     Percentage increase required: e.g. 100% is standard assessment time, so 150% is 50% extra time  

-     Multiplier: e.g. 1 = standard assessment time, so 1.50 = 50% more time 

-     Adjusted time: insert new length of time for the assessment mini-game 

  • Click “Save time adjustment” button at the bottom on the screen
  • Check adjustment has applied by going back into the Time Adjustment tab. Adjusted time will show in “Adjusted Time” column.  

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