The Workplace Alignment Assessment is now available!

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We know that the ideal candidate isn’t just someone who will excel at their work tasks. You also want someone who will provide a long-term solution for your organisation.   

The Workplace Alignment Assessment measures the degree of match or alignment between the factors that candidates value most, in terms of their ideal employer, with the environment your organisation provides to its employees.  

When candidates’ most important needs are met by their employer, they’re more likely to:  

  • Stay with your organisation for longer 
  • Be more committed to your organisation 
  • Support your business objectives 
  • Speak positively about your company, both internally and externally 
  • Proactively assist their colleagues with tasks 
  • Experience less stress at work.  

This assessment is a great complement to the aptitude and personality tests you’re already using. While aptitude tests tell you if someone can do the job, and personality tests help you understand if someone wants to do the job and will be comfortable with the role requirements, you get even deeper insight when your candidates’ most important values align with the environment your organisation provides.  

We recommend adding the WAA to test batteries for jobs such as campus or graduate hires or when recruiting future leaders, when it’s important to identify people who will stay with your organisation for the long term and may hold several different roles during their tenure.    

Learn more about the WAA here.

Click here for instructions on how to use WAA.

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