Candidate Event ID Format Update

Updated 11 months ago by Amy Tranter

The Candidate Event ID is the unique code assigned to each candidate for each assessment invitation you send to them. You can view the Event ID in your Criteria account.

What has changed?

In order to improve test security, we have increased the number of characters in the Event ID from 11 to 16, changed the format to allow both letters and numbers, and made it case sensitive. Think of it in the same vein as passwords – when you make your password stronger, you reduce your security vulnerabilities and as a result your system as a whole is more secure.  

Why is it valuable?

  • Event ID generation will be harder to predict and more randomized.
  • Reduces risk that someone accidentally enters someone else’s test event via
  • Reduces chance that a test Event ID is reused by accident, or can be guessed.
  • Reduce the chance an attacker can correctly guess a test, and collect personal information.


Any candidates who were invited to complete assessments prior to this update being implemented will still use the 11 digit Event ID they were originally assigned.

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