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Candidate feedback report policy

Revelian provides automatic feedback reports to candidates who complete assessments for recruitment purposes. This is considered best practice and is strongly recommended in most cases. There are many benefits of this approach, including:

  • Reducing enquiries to the recruiting organisation from candidates requesting their assessment results.
  • Enhancing feelings of time well spent for the candidate which in turn reflects positively on the recruiting organisation and employer branding.
  • Ensuring all candidates receive standardised and consistent information that is worded in a fair and qualified manner.
  • Compliance with legal and ethical obligations to provide feedback to candidates regarding the recruitment process and assessment results.
  • Providing additional report interpretation information and access to a Revelian Psychologist if the candidate requires further information or has questions regarding their results.

In some recruitment processes, the recruiting organisation may prefer to not have the Revelian candidate feedback reports automatically available to the candidate. In most cases this is so that feedback can be provided at a later time in the recruitment process, such as after a selection decision has been made and communicated.

If Revelian candidate feedback reports are to be disabled the following points must be considered and understood by the recruiting organisation:

  • There is a high likelihood of increased enquiries from candidates regarding their assessment score;
  • Candidates who contact Revelian requesting feedback will be directed back to the recruiting organisation in the first instance.
  • The recruiting organisation is legally and ethically obligated to provide feedback on the recruitment process and assessment results upon request. These obligations can be met by informing candidates of the selection decision and sending candidates their assessment feedback report from the Revelian workspace.
  • Revelian is able to provide psychologist support for candidates who have questions or concerns after receiving their feedback report.

Revelian privacy policy

Our privacy policy outlines our commitment to complying with relevant privacy laws and standards for the management of personal information.

This policy outlines our personal information management practices applying to the personal information of individuals in respect of their dealings with Revelian or interaction with a Revelian online site, specifically:

  • the kinds of personal information we collect and hold;
  • how we collect and hold it;
  • the purposes for which we collect, hold, use and disclose it;
  • your right to access and seek correction of it;
  • how you may complain about privacy matters; and
  • our sharing of your personal information overseas.

View the privacy policy

Revelian participant user agreement

This documents outlines the terms and conditions for participating in Revelian assessments.

View the user agreement

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