Everything in its right place: All video interview candidates now available on the VI dashboard

Updated 2 years ago by Amy Thomas

Admins and users with Results access (who aren’t Evaluators) can now see all video interviewing candidates on the Video Interviewing dashboard. 

How does it work?  

  • Candidates with video interviews will now appear on the video interview dashboard for assigned Evaluators, Admins, and users with Results access for the relevant jobs. Previously, only Evaluators would see them on the VI dashboard. 
  • Users can sort and filter the dashboard list so they can see, for example, all candidates who have scores, who have outstanding evaluators, or that they need to evaluate. 
  • This feature makes it easier for Admins and users to perform actions such as moving candidates to a later pipeline stage or reminding Evaluators to complete their evaluation. 

Who’s it available for?  

All Criteria platform customers with integrated video interviewing. 

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