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Revelian assessments are designed to give you fast, reliable and trustworthy HR data. This in turn gives you the insights you need to make informed decisions about your people and culture.

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Assessment suite


Revelian assessments

What is measured

Workplace outcomes

Aptitude, cognitive ability


Cognitive Ability Test (RCAT)

Abstract Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning Tests

General cognitive and problem-solving ability

Better job performance

Reduced turnover (involuntary)

Improved training outcomes

Increased productivity

Emotional intelligence


Identifying, understanding and using emotions at work

Improved leadership performance and customer satisfaction

Improved communication and teamwork

Work-related values

Values Inventory (RVI)

Organisation and culture fit

Improved organisational fit, engagement and tenure

Reduced turnover (voluntary)


Work Preferences Profile (RWPP)

Person-job fit

Reduced turnover (voluntary)

Increased job satisfaction and engagement

Safety behaviour

Work Safety Assessment (RWSA)

Safety attitudes and behaviours

Improved safety motivation and participation

Reduced LTIs, MTIs and work cover claims

Integrity and reliability

Work Reliability Scale (RWRS)

Attitudes to counterproductive behaviours

Reduced incidence of behaviours such as fraud, theft, dishonesty, shrinkage and absenteeism

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