1 Creating a Video Interview Template

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To help you identify the best talent faster, you can deliver seamless video interviews directly through the Criteria platform, making it easier for you to discover and hire the best candidates. 

Our one-way (also known as “asynchronous”) video interviewing tool helps you to create a structured interview process that’s objective, fair and minimises bias. Based on next-generation video technology, it provides a simple, engaging candidate experience, and includes features that enable you to showcase your unique company culture. 

This tool is available as an add-on to your subscription for all Professional or Enterprise customers. If you’d like more information, please contact your Customer Success Manager and we’ll organise a demo for you. 

Once video interviewing has been added to your Criteria account, the first step is to create a video interview template. This contains all the questions that you want to ask your candidate in the interview.

  1. In your Criteria account, click "Video Interview Template" under Manage.
  2. Click "Create Video Interview Template" in the top right corner.
  3. Give the template a title and click "Proceed to add questions".
  4. This opens the template creation modal. Candidates are given a practice question by default to help them check their equipment and prepare for the interview. You can change the practice question your candidates will see by clicking "Change". To create the list of questions your candidates will be asked, click "Add from library".
  5. There are three options for adding items to the template.
    1. Under the "Custom" tab you will find all the questions created by you and your team in your Criteria account. Click "Add" to the right of each question you want to include in your template.
      1. You can create a brand new question by clicking "Add New" at the top of the modal. If you do not want to record yourself asking a question, you can include written questions for your candidates to respond to instead. Video questions need to be prerecorded and uploaded to the modal. Messages can be recorded via Zoom or Teams and need to be in mp4 format.
    2. In the "Stock" tab you will find some generic questions we have created to help you get started. Click "Add" to the right of any question to include it in your template.
    3. The "Messages" tab enables you to upload prerecorded messages for your candidates that do not require a response from them. For example, your CEO might record a message thanking candidates for their interest in working at your organisation or you might want to provide candidates with some information about the next steps in your recruitment process. Messages can be recorded via Zoom or Teams and need to be in mp4 format.
  6. Click "Next" once you have selected the questions you will be including in the interview.
  7. You will return to the main template screen. Here you can rearrange the order of your questions by dragging and dropping them. You can also adjust the prep time, answer time and number of attempts candidates can have.
    1. Prep Time: the amount of time candidates have to consider how to respond to the question before the recording begins.
    2. Answer Time: the amount of time candidates have to respond to the question. This is the recording that your reviewers will be evaluating your candidates on.
    3. Attempts: you can provide candidates with multiple attempts to answer the question. If a candidate doesn't like their response in the first attempt, they can choose to do the question again. If only 1 attempt is allowed for the question, the candidates will not be able to re-do their response to the question.
  8. Click "Save". Once you receive a confirmation that the template has been saved, you can click the cross in the top right corner of the modal to close it.
  9. Your new video interview template has been added to your account. Click ... More Actions and select "Edit" to make changes to the template or "Deactivate" to move the template to your Inactive list.

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