Setting Up a Job with Application, Assessments and Video Interview

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Before adding a video interview step to the pipeline in your job, there are a few tasks that need to be completed.

Create the job

  1. In your Criteria account, go to Dashboard or Jobs and click Create a Job in the top right corner.
  2. Give your job a title and add an Internal Reference Name if required. Click Next.
  3. Select the test battery for the job and click Select this Test Battery. You can select the Criteria Recommended Test Battery or select one of your own test batteries in the Custom Test Batteries tab.
  4. Chose the pipeline to use for the job, then click Finish Job Setup.
  5. Click to close the Invite Candidates modal and return to the Job Settings screen.
  6. Scroll down to One-way Video Interview and click Add.
  7. Fill out all fields to set up the video interview. Note that the Save button will not become available until all required fields are filled out.
    1. Video Interview Template: Select your preconfigured video interview template from the dropdown list. If your preferred Template is not showing, you can follow the instructions here to create a new one.
    2. Pipeline Stage: Select which stage in the pipeline you want the video interview to occur in. By default, the video interview is added to the Incoming stage. We recommend selecting Phone Screen here, so the video interview essentially replaces the phone screen in your pipeline stage.
      1. Video interview and assessments cannot be in the same pipeline stage so if you choose Incoming, this will remove the test battery from the job. You will then need to add the assessment step to a different pipeline stage (see below for instructions).
      2. You can have both an application form and a video interview in the Incoming stage. Your candidates will be prompted to complete the video interview once they have submitted their application to you. You will be able to see their application responses as soon as they submit the form, even if they don't complete the video interview straight away.
      3. We recommend using 2 or 3 assessments early on to measure aptitude, personality and (if required by the role) skills, Emotional Intelligence, and risk propensity. Based on their results, you can then prioritise which candidates are most likely to fit your requirements and invite them to complete a video interview.
      4. Video interviewing cannot be added to the Not Hired stages of your pipeline.
    3. Evaluators: Select each evaluator who will be reviewing the candidates' video responses. You can type their name to locate them if you have a large number of users.
      1. To use any of the options to minimise bias, click the down arrow next to each evaluator's name to select these. (These are optional.)
        1. Hide video: hide the candidates' videos
        2. Hide Personal Details: hide the candidates' personal details
        3. Disguise Voice: disguise the candidates' voices
        4. Hide Feedback Messages: hide any feedback messages candidates have added to their video responses
    4. Number of Evaluations Required: Select the number of evaluations that are required to be completed before the candidate's video interview is considered complete. For example, if you select two, then two reviewers need to complete their evaluation of each candidate's video interview before their results become visible. If only one reviewer completes the evaluation, no scores will appear in the platform as the evaluation is not complete.
    5. Deadline: If you have set an expiry for invitations in the job, this will be shown here. All candidate tasks or events will have the same number of days until expiry. For example, if you set the expiry at 14 days, the candidate will have 14 days from the time they click on the application form to complete their application, 14 days from the time of invitation to complete their assessments and 14 days from the time of invitation to complete their video interview.
  8. Click Save. A confirmation message appears. Close this to return to the Job Settings screen.

Add or amend expiry date

  1. To add or amend the expiry date for the job, go to Candidate Experience within Job Settings.
  2. Click Edit next to Event Expiration.
  3. Select the preferred number of days you would like to give your candidates to complete the video interview. This will be from the time they are invited. Select the preferred time zone from the drop down menu.
  4. Click Save

Add default email template

  1. To add a custom invitation email to the job, on the Job Setting screen, go to Candidate Experience. Click Edit next to Email.
  2. Select the default email template from the dropdown list. Whatever task you are setting candidates in the Incoming stage should be the default email template for the job. For example, if the video interview is the first task, then your custom video interview email template should be selected here.
  3. Click Save.

Add or update pipeline stages

  1. To set different invitation email templates for later stages in the recruitment process, in Job Settings, go to Pipelines & Automation. Click Edit.
  2. Click Testing or Video Interview to update the email template candidates are to be sent so they receive the correct email for this stage of the recruitment process.
    1. In our example job, we have an application form in the Incoming stage, assessments in the Testing stage and a video interview in the Interview stage. No default email is required for the Incoming stage, as it is an application form. (Candidates will click on the application form link to begin their application. When they add their information to the form, this creates a candidate record for them in your Criteria account.)
    2. Because we do not need a default email for the application form, we can either add the assessment invitation email as the default email for the job (as per the instructions above), as it is the first step in the process where the system is sending an invitation email. or we can set it here in the pipeline. Click Save.
    3. We can also do the same for the video interview step. Click Save.
  3. Once you are satisfied with the pipeline setup, click Return to Job Settings.

Add video interview to existing job or update video interview step

You can also add a video interview step to an existing job or make changes to a video interview already attached to the job.

  1. Go to the Jobs list in your Criteria account.
  2. Locate the job you are adding video interviewing to, click on ... More Actions and select Edit to open the Job Settings screen.
  3. From here you can follow the steps listed above to update your job.
  4. Click Save to ensure your changes are kept.

Next Steps

Adding an automation step to the pipeline enables you to quickly progress promising candidates to the next stage in the recruitment process. Click here to learn more.

Now that your job is set up, you are ready to add and invite your candidates to complete the video interview.

Click here to view more information about using video interviews.

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