Talent Signal: Keep your Candidates in Order

Updated 11 months ago by Sean Welch

We are happy to announce Talent Signal (an easy way to identify and prioritize top candidates within a job) is now LIVE!

What is a Talent Signal?

The Talent Signal is a single weighted average of the scores achieved by a candidate during a testing event. It is based on those assessments which produce a percentile or percentage match. (Cognitive, Personality, Emotional Intelligence, Risk and soon Values.) 

Why is it valuable?

Talent Signal and its associated report is most valuable for those customers with large numbers of candidates for a position (e.g. 100s of people). It is not efficient to go through and individually review each candidate’s results; you want a simple way of taking your top candidates and moving them on to the next stage. Enter Talent Signal. 

Where can I see the Talent Signal?

  • On the Candidate Card  (Where you can sort and filter by it!)
  • Candidate Summary & PDF
  • Result Email Summary
  • Reports under Manage (for a downloadable CSV file)


Talent Signal is turned ON by default but Admin users can turn it off for the entire company, in Company Settings.

How can I learn more?

Click here to view our How To Guide on making use of this feature.

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