The Criteria platform is here for Asia Pacific customers!

Updated 8 months ago by Amy Tranter

We're very excited to finally offer the Criteria platform to our customers! We've been hard at work over the past year tailoring the platform to the specific needs of our customers in the Asia Pacific region, and it's now ready for you to use to assess candidates quickly and efficiently.

Platform highlights

  • Extended assessment range: we've expanded our suite of assessments to give you a more precise and accurate view of each candidate. View the assessment range here.
  • Quick, efficient testing: collect online applications or add candidates and invite them in a few clicks. Get results immediately as soon as candidates complete testing.
  • Simple, intuitive reports: see candidate results at a glance with our straightforward, easy to understand reports.
  • Offer a great candidate experience: candidates can complete assessments any time, on any device, in a location of their choice.
  • Simple subscription pricing: assess more candidates earlier in the process with predictable costs and more efficient hiring.
  • Recruitment pipelines: create your own custom pipelines to reflect your unique process. Have automated actions occur at different stages, such as inviting candidates and sending reports.
  • Collect job applications: create an application form and paste the link on job boards or your website.
  • User and team permissions: add users and specify what they can do in the system. e.g. manage jobs, view results, create pipelines, customise the candidate experience, manage candidates.
  • A "blind hiring" function: hide candidate names and email addresses when viewing results, to help mitigate unconscious bias.
  • Create your own tests: if you need to assess specific subjects or industry knowledge, the TestMaker function allows you to ask your own questions and pinpoint candidates with the right skill level and knowledge.
  • Create a branded candidate experience: add your logo and content to assessment welcome and exit screens and create your own custom email invitations.

Simple or sophisticated functionality

The platform has been built with a strong focus on ease of use, and can be as simple or sophisticated as you need.

If you just want to enter or upload candidates, invite them to complete testing and view their reports, all you need to do is create a job, choose your assessments and invite your candidates. By default, you'll be notified by email as soon as they complete testing - although you can configure your notifications to best meet your requirements and also notify other people.

If you need more robust features, they're also available. You can create your own customised, automated candidate pipelines, send tailored candidate emails and set up your own rating and label systems. You can also create user permissions and teams, so that everyone has access to the functionality they need.

Want some help getting started? Check out our How-to Guides to learn about setting up testing, sharing results, managing candidates and more.

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