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If you're using the Revelian Assessment Management System (AMS), you can add your candidates into the system by uploading an Excel spreadsheet, saved as a .csv file.

You have this option once you've created a position. When you select Add candidates, you can either add your candidates individually or upload a bulk list of candidates, as shown below.

Candidate upload file format

The file you upload should contain the following information, saved in .csv format. Please ensure you use the exact heading names shown below.

You can download this example spreadsheet here and edit the details.

Gender options for candidates are: Male = M, Female = F, I do not identify with either Male or Female = X, I prefer not to disclose my gender = -

Saving as a .csv file

When saving your file, select Save as and ensure you select Comma Separated Values (.csv) as the file format. This means our system will be able to easily read and upload the data.

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