We’re Launching CLIK 2.0 on October 28!

Updated 8 months ago by Amy Tranter

The Computer Literacy and Internet Knowledge (CLIK) test is our popular assessment of basic computer and internet skills. It’s ideal for any role that require general computer ability, particularly entry-level roles. 

The internet has changed a little since we launched CLIK in 2011. There are new requirements for candidates to demonstrate proficiency using internet browsers and basic applications. 

We’ve been listening to our customers’ feedback, and over the past year, we’ve worked hard on improvements that include a refreshed and updated user interface and a broader range of skills assessed. 

CLIK version 2.0 will be released in the Criteria platform on October 28. After this time, any newly created jobs will automatically use CLIK 2.0. Any existing jobs will continue to use CLIK 1.0 until you upgrade them to use CLIK 2.0.  

Click here to learn more about the changes we've made to CLIK.

Click here to learn more about updating your jobs to use CLIK 2.0.

Click here to view our frequently asked questions about CLIK 2.0.

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