Pipeline Automation

Updated 11 months ago by Amy Tranter

When you’re short on time (as most recruiters are), you want to be able to focus your energy on the most promising and qualified candidates. We are delighted to announce our new pipeline automation feature is now LIVE!

Sometimes it’s clear that specific candidates should move to another stage in your recruitment process: for example, a candidate who meets the assessment score ranges should move to a phone screen or review stage, while a candidate who doesn’t meet the minimum eligibility requirements for a role could be automatically disqualified and moved to one of the “not hired” stages. 

What is pipeline automation?

The new pipeline automation rules enable you to set up actions based on how a candidate scores on their assessments, so you don’t need to spend time reviewing each candidate’s results and manually moving them. 

And, if you use the Criteria platform to collect job applications, you can also set up application filters and rules to qualify or disqualify candidates based on their application responses and move them to the appropriate pipeline stages. 


These features are available to all Criteria customers with a Pro or Enterprise subscription, and can be accessed by any users with permission to create or edit jobs.

How can I learn more?

Click here to view our How To Guide on incorporating this function into your recruitment process.

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