Send Automated Reminders For Candidates To Complete Assessment Tasks

Updated by Amy Thomas

We know that you want to ensure that your best candidates are progressing through the hiring process. A high completion rate is a key metric for this. However, there are steps in the process where candidates may be more likely to drop out.

If you do not currently set event expirations for the assessment tasks, you can only send manual reminder emails to your candidates, which can be time consuming. Setting an event expiration allows for automated reminders 24 hours before the expiry, but we understand that you may not want to set an expiration date.

To help you increase your candidate completion rate, we have introduced the option to automatically remind your candidates of an assessment task, even if you have not set an expiration date. If your candidates have not completed the assessment task within 48 hours, they will receive a helpful reminder email.

This feature has been turned on in your account by default, however you can disable it by going to Company Preferences and toggling this option off.

When enabled, if the candidate's invitation does not have an expiration date set and they have not completed within 48 hours, they will receive an email like this:

For more information on automated reminders and setting expiration dates for candidate tasks, please click here.

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