Creating a Live Interview Template

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The first step in using live interview in your recruitment pipeline is to create a template. This provides your interviewers with a structured format they can follow for each candidate they interview for the job. You can learn more about structured interviewing here.

Create a live interview template

  1. Click Manage and select Interviewing Templates from the dropdown list.
  2. Click + Create Interview Template in the top right corner.
  1. Give the template a name and select Live Interview from the dropdown list under Structured Interview Type.
  1. Click Proceed to Create Questions.
  1. In the modal that appears, click Add from Library.
  1. This displays the three sub-sections in the Library: Custom LibraryStock Library and Messages.
    1. Custom Library is where any questions you have created, or want to create, will be stored. If you have a large number of questions, you can click on a category on the left to go directly to that category.
      1. If you are not able to view the category list, try resizing your browser window to expand the Add Questions modal.
    2. Stock Library is a library of 100+ questions that are anchored to specific behavioral competencies such as Teamwork, Problem Solving and Resilience.
      1. Note that many of these questions are also available in the video interview template as prerecorded video questions.
    3. Messages stores any messages or signposts for the interviewer to use as part of the interview structure. A Message is something that does not require a response by the candidate. For example, a welcome message to thank candidates for their interest in working at your organisation or a reminder to provide candidates with some information about the next steps in your recruitment process.
      1. We have added some example messages you can use to help your colleagues run smoother interviews or you can create custom messages that are more aligned with your organisation's needs.
  2. Select the questions and messages to be included in the interview template by clicking Add next to each one.
  3. Click Next once all questions and messages have been added.
  4. You will be returned to the Edit Questions screen. To rearrange the questions and messages in the template, click to the left of the item and drag it to the desired location.
  5. Click Save. You can now close the modal by clicking the cross in the top right corner.
  6. Your live interview template is now ready to be used.

Making changes to an interview template

If you need to update a live interview template, this is done in the Interview Templates section also.

Note that the Structured Interview Type cannot be changed if the template is associated with a job. Any changes you make to the template will not affect candidates and / or evaluators who have already been invited to the live interview.

  1. Go to the Interview Templates section by clicking Interview Templates under Manage.
  1. Click ... Actions next to the template to be updated and select Edit from the menu.
  2. Click Proceed to Edit Questions.
  3. In the Edit Questions modal, you can:
    1. Click Add from Library to add new questions or messages from your library.
    2. Click the dots to the left of an item to move it to a new location in the flow.
    3. Click the trash can to the right of an item to remove it from the template. This will not remove it from the library.
  4. Click Save. You can now close the modal by clicking the cross in the top right corner.
  5. Any candidates invited to the live interview after you have made your changes will use the updated template. Any candidates who were already invited when the changes were made to the template, will use the previous version of the template, even if no evaluations have been made yet.

Add custom questions and messages

You can add your own custom questions to the Custom Library and custom messages to the Messages tab.

  1. To add custom questions and messages to your library, go to the Interview Templates section by clicking Interview Templates under Manage.
  2. Either create or edit a live interviewing template following the instructions above. Click Proceed to Add Questions.
  3. In the Edit Questions modal, click Add from Library.

Custom Library

  1. In the Custom Library tab, click Add New.
  1. Type out the question that the interviewer will be asking each candidate.
    1. Toggle to add additional information, an attachment, and/or and evaluation guide.
    2. Click General Questions to select a different category or create a custom category.
  2. Click Create. Your question has been saved to your Custom Library and can now be added to a live interview template.


  1. Go to the Messages tab and click Add New.
  2. Add a title and the message content.
    1. Your candidates will not see the live interview template at all, so you may choose to add the content in as notes or in a more formal format. This will depend on the type of message and your own requirements. For example, you may want to have a welcome message that the interviewer will read out to each candidate, or just a few bullet points to remind the interviewer of the items to be covered.
  3. Click Create. Your message has been saved to your Messages and can now be added to a live interview template.

Next Steps

You can now add your live interview template to a job. We recommend checking that you have prepared all the required components before you create your job. Click here to learn more.

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