Inviting Candidates to Complete a Video Interview

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If this is not currently available in your account please reach out to your Account Manager to discuss your subscription.

Sending invitations to your candidates

View a quick walkthrough video below.

You can see at a glance on the Jobs List screen which jobs have a video interview associated with them. In the Events column, the Video Interview pill appears next to the job.

On the Results screen, video interviewing is denoted by a camera icon in the pipeline stage.

To invite candidates to complete the video interview, you can save time by adding automation steps to your pipeline to automatically move candidates who meet your criteria to the video interviewing stage.

If you prefer to manually review your candidates' applications before progressing them to a video interview, you can drag and drop them into the video interview pipeline stage. Candidates will automatically be sent an email inviting them to complete the video interview once they are moved to the video interview pipeline stage. Click here to learn how to send custom invitation emails for each stage in pipeline.

If you have added the video interview to the Incoming stage, you can manually invite your candidates to complete this. If you have not selected your custom video interview invitation email template to be the default for the job, you can select it while you are setting up the invitations.

Extending invitations and resending the invitation email to candidates

Extending your candidate's invitation to complete a video interview is as easy as locating the candidate and selecting Extend Invitation. Click here to learn more.

You can resend an invitation email to a candidate who no longer has access to the original invitation, or to let your candidates know that you have extended the time they have to complete the interview. Here's how.

Inviting a candidate to a new video interview

If your candidate was unable to successfully complete the video interview - perhaps their microphone was muted or they were interrupted during the recording - you can send them a new invitation to complete the interview again. Click here to learn how.

Accommodating Accessibility Requirements

At times you may need to make a reasonable adjustment to the video interview to accommodate a candidate's needs. Click here to view how to adjust a candidate's interview.

Candidate Experience

When we set up video interviewing for your Criteria account, we can customise it with your branding to make your candidates' experience more engaging. This includes your logo, colour palette and the exit page candidates are directed to once they complete the video interview. (For example, you may want to direct candidates to your organisation's website or LinkedIn account.)

Next Steps

Once your candidates have completed their video interviews, it's time to start reviewing their responses.

Click here to view more information about using video interviews.

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