Criteria Language Proficiency Test Express - English (CLPT Express)

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At a glance

Type of assessment



Level of proficiency in English


7 minutes


Candidates are presented with 12 multiple-choice and free-text questions.

Workplace outcomes

Reduced training requirements

Increased productivity

Recommended for

Recommended for any role that requires a level of general English proficiency.


Identify the best candidates who are proficient in the English language using a fast and adaptive skills assessment. The Criteria Language Proficiency Test Express - English (CLPT Express - English) is designed to measure candidates’ ability to understand and communicate in English across three skill areas. By assessing a candidate’s English proficiency, employers gain surety in a candidate’s grasp of English and can easily identify candidates with a satisfactory language level for a given job.

The CLPT Express – English is the short-form counterpart of the CLPT – English, which is longer but allows employers to select specific skill areas to assess. Candidates cannot be invited to complete both of these tests in the same test battery.

Should I use the CLPT or the CLPT Express?

CLPT - English

CLPT Express - English

Modular – choose any combination of Reading, Writing, and Listening

Assess Reading, Writing and Listening

Up to 21 minutes to complete

7 minutes to complete

View individual scores for each skill area

View one overall proficiency score

View Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)-equated scores

No CEFR-equated score available 


Assess basic to advanced English skills

A broad range of skills can be assessed in the CLPT Express - English from beginner through advanced levels. The CLPT Express – English will cover all of these skills, but employers who wish to only assess one or two skill areas can opt to administer the longer-form CLPT – English instead.

Skills covered




-        Reading comprehension

-        Vocabulary

-        Spelling and grammar

-        Image description

-        Short response writing

-        Listening comprehension

Intelligent scoring

For improved test security, your candidates will be streamed different questions from a large bank of items. This means that no two candidates are likely to be presented with the same set of questions, making it harder for candidates to cheat or prepare for specific questions.

Instant scoring for Writing questions within the CLPT Express - English is made possible through the use of a trained and fine-tuned natural language model.

Useful and immediate insights

Detailed score reports provide you with immediate insights including: 

  • Score: a numerical score indicating how the candidate performed relative to other people who have completed the assessment 
  • Proficiency rating: a rating of English proficiency from Beginner to Advanced

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