Share Results for a Job

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In the Criteria Platform, you can automatically share results for a job with other members of your hiring team.

Note: If you would like to share the results for a job with a co-worker who is not a user yet, you can invite them on the Users page in Settings.

Sharing a job

  1. On the Jobs page, click on the "Edit" in the overflow button for the job you want to share.
  1. On the Job Settings page click on the "Edit" button for Sharing.
  1. Search for and select a user or team to share the job with. These users will be able to view the results in the Criteria Platform and will receive score reports in their emails whenever a candidate completes the tests.
Note: Users with admin user access can view all jobs and all candidates, even if they have been set to private. If you do not want a particular user to be able to view certain jobs or candidates, their access role will need to be set to manager, user, collaborator or a custom role. (The custom role may have all options toggled on, however the user will only see the jobs you share with them.)

Sharing multiple jobs

Admin users can share multiple jobs with users in the Users section.

  1. Click the avatar in the top right corner and select "Users".
  1. Click the number or "No jobs shared" link for the user in the Jobs Associated column.
  2. Select which jobs to share with the user. You can select to
    1. Share specific jobs or all jobs.
    2. Give the user access to the same jobs as another user.
  3. Click "Save".
  4. Set the Notification Preferences for the jobs shared with the user.
    1. Tick the "Use same notification preference for all jobs below" box and select the option for all jobs shared with the user.
    2. Select the notification preferences by job.
  5. Click "Save".

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