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About JobAdder

JobAdder is a leading cloud-based recruitment software solution that helps agency and in-house recruiters find and manage talent more effectively through automation.

JobAdder’s flexible powerful technology works with Criteria Corp to offer a seamless experience. Recruiters get the tools they need to do great work, ultimately enabling them to focus on the work that matters. 

JobAdder was conceived when one of its founders Brett Iredale found himself struggling to find a technology solution to better manage the growing recruitment business he’d built in 2001. In 2007, JobAdder was launched commercially and has grown to become a leading recruitment solution and a key contributor to HR tech innovation. Today, JobAdder has facilitated millions of people to find work around the world.

How does the integration work?

When you update a candidate's status in JobAdder, Criteria will send an invitation via email to the candidate to take the assessments.

When the candidate completes the assessments, the results and report will be visible in JobAdder. You will be able to rank your candidates based on their scores as well as see detailed results.

How do I get started with the integration?

Are you an existing Criteria Platform customer? To enable the integration, please contact our Customer Success Team.

Interesting in becoming a customer? Then speak to our sales team today.

Working with your integration

Already have an active integration between your JobAdder account and Criteria? We have created a guide to help you make the most out of it. Click here to view the Integration Guide.

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