Create Your Organisation Profile

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Your Organisation Profile can provide your employees with information about your mission, your culture, your values and other details that are of importance to your organisation.

To create your Organisation Profile, click Profiles in the top menu and select your organisation's name.

Organisation Profile

Click Add to Organisation Profile. There are four tabs in this area.

  1. About Us: Add details about your organisation. Click each section to add the relevant details, then click Save.
    1. Add details about the origins of your organisation in Our Founding.
    2. Share your organisation's mission statement in Our Mission.
    3. Expand on why your mission is important by adding Our Why.
    4. Share the core values that your organisation most believes in through Our Values.
    5. List the reasons your organisation is better in Why We're Better.
  2. Resources: Share key resources with your employees here. For example, a link to a message from your organisation's CEO.
  3. Our Mission: Expand on your organisation's mission statement.
    1. Include your organisation's 1-year and 5-year goals.
    2. Provide an overview of your diversity and inclusion commitment and link out to your relevant policies and processes.
    3. Share details about what you are doing on sustainability,
    4. Outline who your customers are in Who We Serve.
  4. Our Culture: Adding details such as how you communicate with, learn from and help each other helps your team members understand your organisation's everyday functions and culture.

Profile pictures

You can add an image to the avatar, as well as a banner, for your Organisation Profile.

To add a image to the avatar:

  1. Click the pencil icon.
  2. Click Upload a Photo to select and upload an image. This might be your organisation's logo or another image that has significance for your organisation.
  3. Click Save Image.

To add a banner image:

  1. Click the pencil icon.
  2. Click Upload a Photo to select and upload an image. This might be a photo of your whole team, your office or another image that is important to your organisation.
  3. Click Save Image.

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