Create a Landing Page for Video Interviews

Updated by Amy Thomas

When your candidates click on a link to fill out an application form, complete an assessment or complete a video interview, they will first be directed to the candidate center landing page. You can customise your candidate center landing page to display your branding and present your candidates with important messages regarding the tasks they are about to complete.

If you have invited your candidates to complete a video interview, after moving through the standard information pages in the candidate center, they will be presented with your video interview landing page. This page provides your candidates with information about completing the interview. If the interview contains questions requiring a video response, a practice question is provided, so your candidates can become familiar with the process.

The video interview landing page is also customisable. Here's how it can be tailored to your organisation's branding guidelines.

Logo: Add your organisation's logo. The file parameters for the logo are:

  • Maximum file size is 1MB
  • Minimum width is 400px
  • Transparent background

Branding: Use your organisation's colours to enhance the text.

  • Add up to four colours (not including black and white, which are available by default). We recommend using two key colours (plus black and white), to give the landing page a clean look.
  • HEX codes are used, enabling you to match your organisation's branding guidelines.

Hero Image: The hero image will be the first thing that your candidates will see when they begin their video interview.

  • The image should be at least 750px in height, and should be either landscape in orientation or square in shape.
  • The image should not include text or graphics. The image may be resized, depending on the size of your candidate's screen, so some detail may be cut off.

If you are interested in having a custom video interview landing page created for your organisation, contact your Customer Success Manager. We will be happy to arrange this for you.

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