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Want to see what the tests are like? Here's how to see the candidate experience and try out a test.

Existing job

If you have already created a job, you can invite yourself (or someone else) to complete testing by clicking the Invite New Candidates button at the top right. This button will appear when you are in either the Jobs or Results section.

New job

  1. If you have not already created a job, click Create Job at the top right of the screen.
  2. Enter a title for the job and (optional) an internal reference name. Select to include Assessments in the job. Click Next.
  1. Select a previously created test battery or create a new one.
  1. In the pop-up that appears, click Invite candidates.
  2. Add your details and click Add Candidate. Select the assessment mode and email template.
  3. Select the assessment expiry date and other settings by clicking Advanced Settings.
  4. Click Invite at the bottom of the page. You'll see a pop-up confirming that the test has been scheduled. If you like, you can select Begin This Event Now to start the assessment immediately.
  5. Go to your email inbox and click on the link in your invitation email to open the testing window.
  6. Confirm your details and choose your country. Click the checkbox to indicate your agreement to the Terms of Use and Privacy Statement, then click Continue.
  7. Jot down or email your Event ID (you will need this if you want to come back to your assessments later), read the instructions, then click Continue.
  8. Read the information and instructions on the page, then click Continue.
  9. Go through the test or tests, following the instructions.
  10. Once you complete testing, your results will now appear at the top of the dashboard in the Criteria platform. Click on your name to view the detailed results.

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