Creating a Video Interview Template

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If this is not currently available in your account please reach out to your Account Manager to discuss your subscription.

Once video interviewing has been added to your Criteria account, the first step is to create custom content for your Video Library. Next, create a video interview template, which contains all the questions that you want to ask your candidate in the interview.

View a short walkthrough video below.

Create video interview template

  1. In your Criteria account, click Interview Templates from the dropdown menu on the Manage tab.
  2. Click Create Interview Template in the top right corner.
  3. Give the template a title and select Video Interview from the dropdown list under Structured Interview Type.
  4. Click Proceed to add questions.
  5. This opens the template creation modal. There are a number of default settings in this section that can be changed, namely Terminology and the Pre-Interview Practice Question
    1. Terminology: The default Terminology is Interview, meaning it follows Video wherever Video Interview is referenced, for example "Welcome to your Video Interview" on the candidate landing page. The other options available are: Assessment, Application, and Introduction, enabling you to have a Video Assessment, Video Application etc.   
      If you are inviting a candidate to take a Written Assessment only, i.e. you do not require the candidate to complete any video response questions, you can select either Work Sample Exercise or Written Assessment and this will remove any reference to Video. 
    2. Pre-Interview Practice Question: Candidates are given a practice question by default to help them check their equipment and prepare for the interview. You can change the practice question your candidates will see by clicking Change to access the Library pop up. 
  6. To create the list of questions your candidates will be asked, click Add from Library. This displays the three sub-sections in the Library: Custom Library, Stock Library and Messages.
    1. Custom Library is where any questions you have created, or want to create, will be stored. If you have a large number of questions, you can click on a category on the left to go directly to that category.
      1. If you are not able to view the category list, try resizing your browser window to expand the Add Questions modal.
      2. You can add questions to your Video Content Library here. Find the video walkthrough here. Note that you will not be able to record your question directly in the platform from here, only upload a pre-recorded video. To manage your Video Content Library, and record questions directly in the platform, click here.
    2. Stock Library is a library of 80+ prerecorded video questions that are anchored to specific behavioral competencies such as Teamwork, Problem Solving and Resilience. Each question has been recorded multiple times using different actors of different ages, genders and ethnicity.
    3. Messages stores any video messages, company intros or signposts to be used as part of the interview structure. A Message is something that does not require a response by the candidate. For example, your CEO might record a message thanking candidates for their interest in working at your organisation or you might want to provide candidates with some information about the next steps in your recruitment process.
      1. You can add questions to your Video Content Library here. Note that you will not be able to record your message directly in the platform from here, only upload a pre-recorded video. Messages can be recorded via Zoom or Teams and need to be in mp4 format. To manage your Video Content Library, and record messages directly in the platform, click here.
  7. To add your video interview content to your interview template, simply click Add at the end of each question or message.
  8. Click Next once you have selected the questions you will be including in the interview.
  9. You will return to the main template screen. Here you can rearrange the order of your questions by clicking to the left of the question or message, you can click and drag the individual assets within the video interview to create the preferred order.
    You can also adjust the prep time, answer time and number of attempts candidates can have.
    1. Prep Time: the amount of time candidates have to consider how to respond to the question before the recording begins.
    2. Answer Time: the amount of time candidates have to respond to the question. This is the recording that your reviewers will be evaluating your candidates on.
    3. Attempts: you can provide candidates with multiple attempts to answer the question. If a candidate doesn't like their response in the first attempt, they can choose to do the question again. If only 1 attempt is allowed for the question, the candidates will not be able to re-do their response to the question. The default setting for Attempts is always 1. 
  10. Once you’re happy with the assets, the order, prep and answer times and number of attempts, click Save and your new Template will be added and available to all users with access to the templates section. 
    Click ... More Actions and select Edit to make changes to the template or Deactivate to move the template to your Inactive list. Templates cannot be deactivated if they are associated with one or more jobs.
NOTE: If you choose to edit an existing Video Interview Template, it will affect all jobs that the template has been associated with. Any candidates invited to the video interview after the changes to the template have been saved will be invited to complete the updated version. Candidates who were invited before the changes were made will complete the previous version that existed when their invitation was created.

Copy video interview template

To copy a video interview template, click Manage and select Interview Templates.

Click ... Actions next to the template to be copied and select Copy from the dropdown list.

A copy of the template is created. The duplicate video interview template will include all aspects from the original, including all questions, their order, any changes to the prep or answer times and any custom evaluation guides you had in the original template.

You can edit the duplicate template by clicking ... Actions and selecting Edit from the dropdown list. Any changes you made to the duplicate template will not affect the original template it was copied from.

Next Steps

Add custom content to your video interview library and create a custom email template to invite your candidates to complete a video interview.

Click here to view more information about using video interviews.

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