Adding Single Sign-On (SSO) to Your Criteria Account

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Criteria provides your users with the ability to sign in via Single Sign-On (SSO). We can integrate with any SAML 2.0-compliant IdP (identity provider).

With SSO enabled, your users will be able to sign into your organisation’s Criteria account through the identity provider of your choice.

If you have a Professional or Enterprise Criteria account, we can help you set up Single Sign-On for your users. To learn more about your account status and to discuss adding an SSO integration, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

If you are unfamiliar with some of these terms, you can check out our Frequently Asked Questions page here

Getting Started

This process will require admin access to your chosen IdP. If you do not have IdP admin access, these instructions can be sent to your technical team who does (e.g., IT, Cyber Security, Network admin, etc.). 

Setting up your SSO with Criteria involves just four steps: 

  1. Configure your IdP. 
  2. Send the Metadata file to Criteria. 
  3. Criteria soft-enables the integration. 
  4. SSO integration is hard-enabled. 

1. Configure your idP 

Click on the relevant set-up guide for your Single Sign-On (SSO) provider below. You or your IdP Admin will need to configure your IdP as per the instructions listed in this guide. 

2. Send the Metadata file to Criteria 

The set-up guides above includes the information Criteria will need to set up the integration for your Criteria account. 

Once you have configured your IdP, you will need to email your Metadata file to our Customer Support Team to begin the process of enabling the SSO integration for your account. 

3. Criteria soft-enables the integration 

Initially, we will soft-enable SSO for your Criteria account. We will provide you with a custom login URL, which will include a "login with <SSO Provider>" button. This will enable you to get your SSO provider to authenticate. 

Soft-enabling the integration means that your users will still be able to log in via their Criteria account login credentials (email and password) or they can log in via your SSO (the custom login URL) to test that it is working. 

If you have any queries regarding this step in the process, or would like some assistance with troubleshooting any problems, please reach out to our Support team for assistance. 

4. SSO integration is hard-enabled 

Once you are satisfied that the SSO is functioning correctly, please advise our Support team

We will then hard-enable the SSO. At this point, SSO will be the only way your users can log into Criteria. 

Logging in to your Criteria account via SSO 

To log in, go to:   

Use your login credentials for your SSO profile to log in to your Criteria account. 

Adding and updating users 

You will need to keep a record of your custom login URL so you can add new users to your Criteria account in the future. 

Click here to learn how to do this. This How To Guide also provides information about deactivating users who no longer require access to your Criteria account. 

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