Introduction to Video Interviewing

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To help you identify the best talent faster, you can deliver seamless video interviews directly through the Criteria platform, making it easier for you to discover and hire the best candidates. 

Our one-way (also known as “asynchronous”) video interviewing tool helps you to create a structured interview process that’s objective, fair and minimises bias. Based on next-generation video technology, it provides a simple, engaging candidate experience, and includes features that enable you to showcase your unique company culture. 

Add video interviews to assessments for a more complete picture of each candidate 

The more reliable, objective information you have about your candidates, the more confidence you can have in your recruitment decisions. We recommend using 2 or 3 assessments early on to measure aptitude, personality and (if required by the role) skills, Emotional Intelligence, and risk propensity. Based on their results, you can then prioritise which candidates are most likely to fit your requirements and invite them to complete a video interview. 

Research clearly indicates that structured interviews (in which every candidate responds to the same questions and is assessed according to the same criteria) offer twice the predictive validity of unstructured interviews, leading to better hiring decisions and reducing the likelihood of a poor hire. 

Customise the interview experience 

On top of time and efficiency savings, our video interviewing tool enables you to really showcase your organisation’s culture and identity. You can add a high production value “intro” video about your organisation or a simple, friendly welcome recorded on a phone or laptop; you can create a great impression with candidates and help them understand what it’s really like to work with your company. 

You can also create different types of questions depending on the role you’re recruiting for, such as written response questions and simulations. 

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Setting up a Video Interview Template

Choose from a pre-filmed library of standard questions, or create your own, to build a video interview to evaluate your candidates.

Adding Questions and Messages to Your Interview Content Library

Create your own questions and messages. Optimise the candidate experience with a custom introduction video and personalised questions.  

Custom invitation email

Create a custom email template with personalised branding and instructions to invite your candidates to complete the video interview.

Create a Landing Page for Video Interviews

Give your candidates a great first impression when they start their video interview, with a landing page customised to your organisation's branding guidelines.

Updating Your Interview Content Library

Make alterations to your custom questions and remove custom content you no longer require from your Interview Content Library.

1 Preparations for Creating a Job

2 Create a Job

3 Check Settings For New Job

There are many variables to consider when setting up your job, to ensure it follows your organisation's recruitment process. These How To Guides will step you through the process.

Using Automation to Progress Candidates to Video Interview

Save time during the recruitment process by automatically progressing promising candidates from assessments to the video interview. You can also automatically progress candidates from the video interview to the next stage in your recruitment process.

Invite candidates to complete their interview

Invite candidates by moving them to the appropriate pipeline stage. Candidates enjoy a simple, engaging process that enables them to test their settings and complete practice questions before beginning their interview and can complete anytime, anywhere, on any device.  

Re-administering a Video Interview

If you need to ask a candidate to complete the video interview again, the process for creating this invitation will depend on your job's setup and where the candidate is in the pipeline.

Collaborate and evaluate

Invite the relevant people to evaluate candidate interviews and set up clear and consistent rating guides so each candidate is assessed according to the same criteria. Evaluators can review interviews whenever it suits them, and zip through the process in a fraction of the time required for conventional phone screens. 

Sharing and Reporting Results

Share your preferred candidate's video interview responses with the hiring manager and generate reports for your candidates' video interview results.

Accommodating accessibility requirements

At times, you may need to make a reasonable adjustment to the video interview to accommodate a candidate's needs. A reasonable adjustment is a change made to the interview which removes or reduces disadvantages experienced by candidates living with a disability, so they have an equal opportunity to perform as other candidates.

Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the answers to some common questions about video interviews.

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How to Videos

Here you will find video guides to assist you in getting started with your video interviews.

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