Re-administering an Assessment

Updated by Amy Thomas

Occasionally you might need to send a candidate an invitation to take an assessment again. Some of our assessments label a candidate's results as "Invalid" if they respond in certain ways throughout the assessment.

  • Inconsistent responding: when an applicant provides contradictory responses throughout their assessment, it makes it hard for us to get an accurate read of their personality, so we will flag their results as invalid.
  • Self Enhancing: when an applicant "oversells" themselves, or is too positive in their responses to some questions, we will mark their results as invalid, as they aren't likely a true depiction of the applicant.

We've built in an easy way to send an additional test invitation to your candidates!

  1. Navigate to your candidate's results in the platform.
  2. Click the More Actions ... icon in their candidate record and select "Send Test Invitation".
  3. A pop up will appear that will default to sending the candidate the entire test battery of assessments.
  4. For most candidates we only need them to retake one or more of the assessments, so we would suggest clicking the "Select Specific Test(s)" tab here.
  5. After you clicked the "Select Specific Test(s)" option, you can then click "Add a Test" to individually select the assessments you would like the applicant to complete again. Note that you will only be able to select from the tests associated with the test battery for the job.
  6. Once the tests have been selected:
    1. Indicate if this will be a "remote" or "on-site" assessment.
    2. Identify if you'd like the candidate to be notified by email (the majority of the time you will want to select this option).
    3. Select the invitation email template you would like to use.
    4. If you are setting an expiry, check the date set and select the reminder email template. This will be automatically sent 24 hours before the invitation expires.
    5. Decide if you'd like to delay the sending of the invite.
    6. If you have the Reuse Results function enabled, you will need to toggle this off in the candidate invitation. Click here to learn more.
    7. Click "Invite".
  7. Candidates will then be sent an email invitation asking them to complete the additional assessment/s you've selected. If you opted to delay the sending of this email, the candidate will be sent the email on whatever timeline you selected.
  8. When the candidate completes their assessments the results will be stored alongside their original assessment results. If you have set your preferences to receive an email when candidates complete testing, you will receive a notification once the candidate has completed the assessment/s again. Where there are multiple scores for a single assessment for a candidate, the Talent Signal is calculated using the score for the most recent assessment.

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