Coach Bo’s Workplace Advice

Updated by Amy Thomas

What is Coach Bo?

Coach Bo is Develop's AI-powered coaching bot, available 24/7 to provide workplace guidance and support to any team member, offering tailored advice, constructive feedback and actionable strategies to help users navigate their workplace more effectively.

Coach Bo is designed to provide confidential, research-based, ethical workplace wisdom. Its advice is anchored in data from Criteria’s assessments and a deep understanding of workplace dynamics, grounded in research and best practices across numerous disciplines. This ensures your team receives reliable, human-centric guidance that respects confidentiality and adheres to the highest standards of AI ethics. 

In general, Coach Bo’s advice is: 

  • Compliant with ethics and AI regulations 
  • Objective, drawing on research and science 
  • Actionable for workplace improvements 
  • Confidential and secure 
  • Human-centric and empathetic 
  • Based on best practices from a vast knowledge base 
  • Oriented toward effective solutions. 

What is Coach Bo trained on? 

Coach Bo is trained on a vast dataset including textbooks, scientific literature, and content across domains like business, management, and psychology, ensuring a well-rounded capability to provide informed workplace advice. For example, when talking about motivation, Bo’s approach is based in motivational interviewing and self-determination principles.  

Can we rely on Coach Bo for accurate and relevant advice? 

Yes, Coach Bo offers data-driven advice using sources including Criteria assessments, established best practices, and expert knowledge. However, as with any AI tool, Coach Bo should be used to complement human judgment when making decisions.   

Is the advice from Coach Bo confidential? 

While Coach Bo does not share any personal data from a user’s interactions, ensuring confidentiality, users should still avoid sharing sensitive personal information during coaching sessions.  

Does Coach Bo remember previous conversations? 

Individual users or admins can control Coach Bo’s memory settings. If memory is enabled, Coach Bo learns from each interaction and retains a private case file for each user to inform future coaching. Users can delete any individual conversations or all existing saved information. If memory is disabled, Coach Bo does not retain any data from previous conversations.  

How does Coach Bo adhere to regulations like the EU AI Act? 

Coach Bo follows strict ethical guidelines, ensuring human oversight, transparency, and fairness in its advice, especially for significant decisions that influence employment, in compliance with the EU AI Act.  

What kind of advice won't Coach Bo give? 

Coach Bo has been programmed to avoid providing direct recommendations for high-stakes decisions such as hiring, promotion, or termination and to avoid advice that could cause harm or negative impact without considering ethical implications and human context.  

How does Coach Bo handle conflict resolution advice? 

Coach Bo provides guidance on conflict resolution by encouraging open communication, active listening, and collaborative problem-solving, while emphasising the importance of human interaction and understanding.  

No, Coach Bo is not a replacement for human experts. Its advice should be used as guidance and not as the sole basis for making important decisions. Professional consultation is recommended for complex or sensitive issues.  

What is Coach Bo's approach to coaching? 

Coach Bo is designed to provide strengths-based, supportive coaching that enhances each user’s abilities while fostering growth. Coach Bo’s approach includes empathetically engaging with the user, summarising and clarifying key points, and providing action-oriented guidance that focuses on specific actions that encourage continuous improvement. 

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