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What type of tests should I choose?

If you're unsure about which tests to select, reach out to your Customer Success Manager for guidance.

How long did my candidates take on an assessment?

We don't provide the amount of time a candidate took on a particular assessment. All candidates are given the same amount of time to complete each assessment, and their score is the final measure of their performance. For this reason, we don't provide the time it took to complete the test so that each candidate's final score can serve as a standardised metric to compare all candidates fairly to each other.

How can my candidates get back into the test if they get kicked out?

1. To continue with a test, candidates should go to https://au.ondemandassessment.com and enter their test event ID.

2. If a candidate does not know their individual test event ID, you can find it by searching for the candidate's name in the global search function in the top right navigation bar. The candidate’s event ID will be displayed on their candidate profile.

Will candidates receive their results after they've completed the test?

No, candidates will not be notified of their results. After your candidates complete the tests, their test results will appear in Criteria only for you, the employer, to see. We don't recommend telling candidates their scores. You can, however, customise a confirmation email message for candidates to see after they complete their tests. Learn how.

There is a candidate-facing version of the Employee Personality Profile (EPP) and Cognify assessments that you can send to candidates either automatically once they complete one or both of these assessments, or at a later date. Read about the Workplace Insights Report here.

How many questions did my candidate attempt on the CBST/CCAT?

We don't provide the number of questions a candidate attempted. This is to ensure that all candidates are being compared across a standardised raw score or percentile. All candidates are given the same amount of time and opportunity to complete all of the questions on the assessment, and the best way to ensure that candidates are evaluated fairly is to compare them across a consistent measure.

Can I alter the tests?

No, you cannot alter the tests. All our tests are extensively validated, and altering questions within a test will diminish the test's validity. If you'd like to create your own custom tests, you can use our TestMaker feature which makes it easy to build tests that assess information specific to your company's needs.

Do you have tests in other languages?

Yes. You can view information about the available languages for several of our assessments here. If you'd like to include a test in one of these languages, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Can I see an answer key?

We don't provide answer keys for our tests to ensure test security.

Can I delete test results?

Yes. You can delete a candidate's results by navigating to their results in the platform, and clicking the triple dots icon and selecting "Delete". Please note: This action is permanent and there is no way to retrieve the data if you accidentally delete someone's results, This action is also limited to Admin users. Learn More.

Can I hide the sample test results within my account?

To hide the sample test results:

  1. Navigate to the Settings tab and click User Preferences.
  2. Toggle off the Sample Data option.

Why does a candidate have one complete test event and one incomplete test event?

A candidate may end up with one complete and one incomplete test event in the system if they closed out of a test battery before finishing it and then clicked the test battery link to begin the test again.

If a candidate somehow gets booted from a test event, there are two ways to complete the test. Each candidate is given a Test Event ID at the start of a test event, and if they somehow get booted from the test window, they can enter their Test Event ID to pick up where they left off. This method keeps the test event all as one unit.

If instead the candidate clicks on the link to take the test and is given a new Test Event ID, their new test event will appear as completed once the candidate finishes, and the previous attempt will appear as incomplete.

I can't find a particular candidate's test results – where is it?

One of the easiest ways to find a particular candidate's test results is by searching with their name or email with the search bar at the top right of the screen.

You can also look for them in the job that they applied for. If the candidate has completed all the tests, the candidate's results will appear either in a pipeline stage or in a Not Hired folder for the job that they applied for. If a candidate has not yet started a test that has been scheduled, they will be in the Invited folder. If a candidate has started a test event but has not completed it, they will be in the In Progress folder.

If you still are unable to locate the candidate’s results, you can contact your account administrator to see if you have the proper permissions to view their results.

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