Criteria Attention Skills Test (CAST)

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The CAST is a short (9-12 minute) test that measures a person's concentration and ability to sustain focus on one or more tasks while avoiding distractions. Because of its ability to measure concentration skills, the CAST helps predict employee success in a wide variety of positions — ranging from skilled manufacturing jobs to casino gaming dealers to video surveillance workers. For vehicle (and heavy equipment) operators, there's a strong correlation between high attention and concentration levels and a low percentage of operator error — so the CAST is also used to help predict job performance for pilots, delivery drivers, and truck and bus drivers.


The CAST is an untimed test that candidates can complete in approximately 10 minutes. Most candidates complete the assessment in 9 to 12 minutes. It consists of four different assessment activities, each of which requires candidates to respond to stimuli in real time by pressing the correct key at the correct time. Based on these responses, the test is able to accurately measure candidates’ abilities to maintain concentration and focus their attention on specific signals and tasks. The test is also dynamic, so all candidates receive the same number and overall difficulty of test items while encountering a relatively unique ordering of items within each assessment activity. 


The four assessment activities included in the CAST target four respective measures of attention skills:  

  • Divided Attention 
  • Selective Attention: Vigilance 
  • Selective Attention: Filtering 
  • Perceptual Reaction Time.  

Each candidate receives a score on each of these individual measures. Additionally, these measures are combined into an Overall Score Percentile. This percentile score reflects how a candidate performed across the entire test, relative to others who have taken the test. For example, a percentile score of 45 means that a candidate scored better than 45% of the group on which the test was normed. 

Attention Skills Test training

Watch our consulting psych led Attention Skills Test (CAST) assessment training video to learn everything from what CAST predicts and measures to understanding your report to what the candidate experiences when completing the assessment.


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