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About Jobvite

Jobvite assists Talent Acquisition Managers streamline and improve the entire talent acquisition lifecycle from sourcing and recruiting to hiring and onboarding. Jobvite offers innovative, purpose-built technology that optimises and automates recruiting success, drives positive growth, delivers business outcomes, and differentiates enterprise organisations in a competitive labour market. 

Jobvite’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) key points of difference: 

  1. Configurable Workflows
  2. Native Video Interviewing
  3. Smart Scheduler
  4. Bias Blocker
  5. Job Description Grader
  6. Native eSignature
  7. Dashboards
  8. Hiring Manager App 

Jobvite is part of the Employ, Inc. Group who are a leading provider of recruiting and talent acquisition solutions and is also the parent company of JazzHR, Lever and NXTThing RPO. 

Jobvite is ideal for high-growth and established enterprise and medium-sized companies. Jobvite partner with those organisations frustrated with point solutions that are too narrow, or HRIS and HCMs that are too broad by providing a specialised and comprehensive solution that meets the needs of the entire talent acquisition lifecycle. Jobvite partner with companies that have multi-dimensional roles and complex hiring workflows, enabling them to hire the best talent at scale and without limits. 

How does the integration work?

When you update a candidate's status in Jobvite, Criteria will send an invitation via email to the candidate to take the assessments / structured interview.

When the candidate completes the assessments, the results and report will be visible in Jobvite. Candidates are moved into the applicable completion status based on whether they met the Score Ranges, or not.  

What can the integration do?

How much does it cost to set up an integration with Jobvite?

Are there any ongoing costs with the integration?

There may be costs associated with setting up and maintaining an integration with your Jobvite account.

Please reach out to your Criteria account manager for further information.

To learn more about any potential costs relating to Jobvite, we recommend contacting your account manager at Jobvite.

Time to integrate

Criteria requires 2 - 4 weeks from sign-off to create the integration with your Jobvite account.

Can I trial the integration before I purchase?

Criteria customers must have a paid subscription before an integration can be created.

Does the integration support assessment and video interviews?

Unfortunately, this integration does not support video interviews at this time. Please reach out to your Criteria customer success manager if you are interested in using video interviews as part of your recruitment process.

Can I send multiple candidates an invitation at the same time?

Yes, you can invite candidates in bulk by moving them all to the requisite Workflow Step in Jobvite at the same time. The candidates must all be in the same job.

Can I use multiple rounds of testing in my job?

No, each Jobvite requisition can only be associated with one round of testing.

Can I re-use my candidates' previous results for a new job?

Yes, if you have the Re-Use Results function enabled in your Criteria account, you can copy your candidates' existing results to new jobs. When this option is set, the system will automatically identify if a match is found between the candidate and any existing results for the same assessments.

How are the invitations sent?

The Criteria platform checks every 30 minutes for any new candidates who have been moved to a testing status. The candidates are created in your Criteria account, which sends them the invitation email.

Can I send assessments in-line with application?

No. Testing is triggered when candidates are moved to the requisite Workflow Step in Jobvite.

When can I see my candidates' results?

The scores will appear in your Jobvite account immediately once the candidate has completed all assessments in the package.

What information will I see for my candidates' results?

If you would like to see Criteria scores directly in your Jobvite account, custom fields can be created to populate these.

A link to the score report is included. You will need to copy and paste the link in a new browser tab to view the report, as the link is not clickable.

Dynamic Score Reports are also supported. Please contact your Criteria customer success manager to learn more.

Can I invite candidates without sending their personally identifiable information (PII) to Criteria?

No, Criteria requires the candidate's name and email address in order to send them the invitation email.

How do I get started with the integration? 

Are you an existing Criteria Platform customer? To enable the integration, please contact our Customer Success Team.

Interesting in becoming a customer? Then speak to our sales team today.

Working with your integration

Already have an active integration between your Jobvite account and Criteria? We have created a guide to help you make the most out of it. Click here to view the Integration Guide.

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