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A quick and easy way to prioritise candidates for high-volume hiring

Criteria’s Talent Signal helps you prioritise candidates by giving your recruitment teams an additional data point to rank multiple candidates for a job.

Talent Signal is best suited to recruitment teams operating in high-volume hiring situations, where it may not be effective – or even possible – to review each candidate’s assessment performance in detail.

Talent Signal uses a weighted average of performance on assessments to help calculate a single rank score for a candidate, which recruitment teams can use to prioritise candidates for hiring managers.

While Talent Signal offers an easy way to prioritise candidates, please note that it should not be considered as the sole basis for a recruitment decision. In all cases, you should consider all available information about a candidate, including their performance on individual assessments, when deciding who to progress. 

How is Talent Signal Calculated? 

When a candidate takes multiple assessments in a test battery, a single weighted score combining their scores will be automatically calculated using the percentile or the percent matched. The weights are as follows: 

Assessment Category 






Personality, Risk, EI 

EPP, Emotify, Illustrait, WPP, WSP, WAA 



Skills, TestMaker 



The divisor is the sum of the weights.  

Multiple Scores 

For situations where there are multiple scores for a single assessment, the Talent Signal is calculated using the score for the most recent assessment. 

When there are no weighted assessments in a battery, no Talent Signal is calculated. Each assessment will stand alone.  

Turning Talent Signal On/Off 

Criteria’s Talent Signal is an optional feature that is defaulted to “on” in your system beginning December 7th.

Your company’s Admin Users are the only users who have permissions to turn on or turn off the Talent Signal. Admins can turn Talent Signal on or off at the company level, in Company Preferences. When the Talent Signal is turned off, it will not be visible in app, on the candidate summary, in reports or in the results email.   

How to view the Talent Signal 

When it is turned on, the Talent Signal is visible in the following areas: 

  • On the Candidate Card 
  • Candidate Summary  
  • Result Email Summary 
  • Reports in the “Manage” Tab (for a downloadable CSV file) 

Candidate Summary 

When the Talent Signal is turned on, you will see the candidate’s Talent Signal as a separate score on HTML and PDF versions of the Candidate Summary.  

You will also see which assessments were used to calculate the Talent Signal in a dynamic footnote on the Candidate Summary, which will say “The Talent Signal is based on a weighted average of the following scores: …” 


When the Talent Signal is turned on for a company, you will see candidates’ Talent Signal in the results section on the Candidate Card and in the Candidate Summary.  

Sort by Talent Signal

In the Results section, you can sort all candidates for a job by their Talent Signal from highest to lowest.  

Filter by Talent Signal 

You can filter by the Talent Signal in the results section, when filtering by Advanced filters.  

Results Email 

When the Talent Signal is turned on, you will see the single score in the score summary in the body of the Results email for each candidate who has completed an event. For additional details, full score reports of each assessment are provided as email attachments. 

You will also see which assessments were used to calculate the Talent Signal in a dynamic footnote in the results email. 

Manage Reports 

You can add a Talent Signal column to a custom report. After running a report which includes the Talent Signal, sort by the Talent Signal column. You will also be able to download a CSV file of the report sorted by Talent Signal. 





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