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Cognify is a game based assessment of cognitive aptitude that is used to measure an individual's ability to acquire, retain and use new information effectively.

Cognify offers a positive and immersive assessment experience and is available across any device. Candidates complete a number of engaging mini-games that predict performance across a broad range of roles.

Cognify is used in positions where learning and interpreting complex information is required.

Assess numerical reasoning

 Measure how candidates comprehend quantitative and numerical concepts. Numerical reasoning is important for roles where numbers are used on a day-to-day basis.

Assess problem solving

Discover how candidates solve problems without prior knowledge. Measuring fluid reasoning is key to predicting candidates' ability to learn quickly and succeed in a role.

Assess verbal knowledge

Discover how well candidates comprehend verbal information such as spelling, grammar and punctuation. Candidates who perform well on this assessment are likely to have strong reading and writing skills.

Validity Information

Independently validated

Cognify has been independently validated as a reliable and predictive assessment by a number of external research projects.

Independent studies confirm Cognify as a reliable – and desirable – recruitment assessment. Cognify went through a stringent research and development process. We conducted a number of different validation studies to ensure that the games accurately and reliably measured the construct they were supposed to measure (cognitive ability) and that each game contributed to scoring in unique and statistically significant ways.

Construct Validity

Cognify has been shown to be highly correlated with other measures of general mental ability (g). This gives us confidence that Cognify is a valid measure of cognitive aptitude.

Predictive Validity

Various studies have shown that Cognify provides a significant prediction of job performance across a wide range of roles and industries. Cognify has been shown to predict outcomes such as job performance, sales and technical knowledge acquisition.

Cognify has also received external endorsements in the form of a 2016 win in the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge, I/O psychology community recognition, and from several independent studies. Cognify was evaluated on the basis of: innovation in design and application, utilisation of psychological knowledge, organisational impact, sustainability, demonstration of thought leadership and using psychology to create new, different and novel organisational interventions.

Standardisation Sample

Norms for Cognify were developed using a sample of over 6,500 individuals from a global general population across a wide range of different organisations, represented from a wide variety of industries. The mean age in this population is 29.4 years (SD= 8.44).

Assessment options

The standard version of Cognify is comprised of 6 mini games: Grid Lock, Resemble, Short Cuts, NumBubbles, Tally Up and Proof It. This version takes candidates approximately 30 minutes to complete and is available by default in your Criteria account.

A shorter version of Cognify - comprising of NumBubbles, Grid Lock and Proof It - can be added to your account on request. This version takes candidates approximately 15 minutes to complete. Please contact your Customer Success Manager for more information about using this version of Cognify.

UCognify (Universal Cognitive Aptitude Assessment) is a language-independent version of Cognify. As such, UCognify does not test verbal knowledge, making it easily translatable and ideal for international use. This version also takes candidates approximately 25 minutes to complete (including tutorials). Click here for more information.

A shorter version of UCognify is also available on request. This test is comprised of NumBubbles and GridLock. It takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. Please contact your Customer Success Manager for more information about using this version of Cognify.


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