Criteria Recommended Test Battery and Suggested Score Range Updates

Updated 4 months ago by Amy Thomas

At Criteria we continually collect new test data for a wide range of jobs across the country and the world. The high volume of testing we do gives us the opportunity to regularly refine and update the test batteries and score ranges we suggest when users create new jobs.   

When updates are made to our Recommended test batteries and Suggested score ranges, you'll see these new batteries and ranges appear when you create new jobs in the Criteria platform.  

These updates will not affect your current jobs. You’ll only see the new Recommended batteries and Suggested score ranges when you create a new job in the platform.  

What gets changed?  

When we make updates to Recommended test batteries and Suggested score ranges, the updates you will see may include:  

  • The test batteries that are recommended during the job setup process. 
  • The score ranges that are recommended for the recommended tests.   

How will existing jobs be affected?  

We do not expect clients to update their current jobs every time we update our Recommended test batteries and suggested score ranges. If your current test batteries and score ranges are delivering the results you need, then there is no need to make changes to jobs whenever we make an update.   

For this reason, existing jobs in the Criteria platform will stay as they are when we update our Recommended test batteries and Suggested score ranges. If you’ve set up a job using a particular battery and range, then that job will retain that battery and range after the updates are applied.  

If you’ve been using a Criteria suggested score range that has been updated, then your job will retain the previously applied score range, but it will appear in the platform as a Custom score range for that job, rather than a Criteria suggested score range. This will allow you to continue to access and use that score range if you wish after the update has been applied to our Criteria suggested score ranges.    

What happens when I edit the test batteries or score ranges for an existing job?  

When you edit the batteries or ranges for an existing job, you will see the new batteries and ranges come up as recommendations and suggestions, just as if they were setting up a new job.  

Criteria uses our own aggregated test data as well as the US Department of Labor’s O*NET data to make recommendations on test batteries and suggested score ranges.  

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