Test Languages for Candidates

Updated 6 days ago by Amy Thomas

Here at Criteria, all our tests are available in English by default. However, many of our assessments may be completed by candidates in a language that they are more familiar with.

Click here to view a list of the languages are available for each assessment.

If you are interested in learning more about language options for your candidates' assessments or would like to discuss enabling this for your Criteria account, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Once we have confirmed that you can provide your candidates with assessments in alternate languages, here's how to set this up.

  1. In your Criteria account, create a test battery that includes the assessment/s you want to invite your candidates to complete.
  2. Contact our Customer Support Team to request that the assessment/s in the new test battery be changed to a different language.
    1. Please include the name of the test battery, the assessment/s to be updated and the language to be used.
  3. Once we have updated your test battery, you will be able to create a job and invite your candidates to complete the assessment/s in that language.

Note that if the assessments in the test battery are in more than one language, the Candidate Assessment Center text will be in English. (For example, you select UCAT in Japanese and EPP in English.) Only the tests, including the instructions pages, will be presented in the language you have selected. The candidate assessment center language options are:

  • Chinese-Simplified
  • French-Canada
  • French-France
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese-Portugal
  • Portuguese-Brazil
  • Spanish-Latin America
  • Spanish-Spain

If the test battery only contains one or more assessments in the same language, the Candidate Assessment Center text will be in that language also. For example, you select CAST and UCognify in Spanish.

For the second scenario, if you are using a custom landing page or custom exit page, we recommend creating this with the same language as the assessments.

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