Candidate Communications Toolkit

Updated by Amy Thomas

Looking to improve your candidate experience and offer acceptance rate?

Download our Candidate Communications Toolkit!

Communicating with candidates may be more art than science, but the stats don't lie: more than half of candidates have abandoned an application process because of poor communication with a potential employer.

This new toolkit equips you with best practices and actionable tips for communicating with your potential new hires, reducing both candidate drop-off and time-to-hire.

Our toolkit includes plenty of examples and templates you can start using today.

  • Provide your candidates with an automatic confirmation that you have received their application and will be in touch with them soon.
  • Customise invitations to complete assessments and interviews, such as by including information about what to expect or by focusing on the desired outcome.
  • Congratulate the successful candidate with a message that includes an offer letter or details about the next steps.
  • Rejecting unsuccessful candidates using an encouraging message may provide them with closure regarding the recruitment process and leave them with a positive impression about your organisation.

Download our Candidate Communications Toolkit here!

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