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Once you have created a job, there are several ways to administer an assessment or video interview to your candidates. Here's how.

Add and invite candidates

  1. You can manually add candidates and invite them to take an assessment or video interview in either the Jobs or Results section.
    1. In the "Jobs" section, click "... More Actions", then select "Invite Specific Candidates" from the dropdown list.
    2. In the "Results" section, click the "Invite" button in the top right corner.
  2. In the "Invite Specific Candidates" section, click "Invite Candidates". (Note that this screen only appears when an application form is included in the job. Otherwise you will go straight to the screen shown in step 3.)
  3. Add your candidates' details, clicking "Add Candidate" after each one. If you have a large number of candidates, click "Upload a CSV file" to bulk upload these.
  4. Select the email template and expiry date (under Advanced Settings). Click "Invite" at the bottom of the page.
    1. The email template set for the job is the one that will be selected by default. You can change this if required.

Invite candidates via pipeline automation

If a stage in your pipeline has been set up to automatically send candidates the assessment or video interview invitations when they are added to this stage, simply drag and drop the candidate into that stage.

This will be indicated by an airplane icon in the pipeline stage.

Click here to learn how to set this up for your job.

Manually send candidate invitations

  1. To manually send a candidate an invitation - for example, to re-invite a candidate - open the candidate details and click "More Actions". Select "Send Test Invitation".
  1. Select the assessments to send (if there are multiple assessments in the test battery) and the email template to use. Click "Invite" to send the invitation.
    1. The email template set for the job is the one that will be selected by default. You can change this if required, such as you want to send the candidate a reminder email instead.

Candidate reminder emails

Click here to learn how to resend an invitation to a candidate you already invited to complete an assessment or interview.

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