Overview of all Criteria Assessments

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We understand it can be difficult to decide which assessments to use as part of your recruitment process, so we've put together some resources to assist you.

When you set up a job in your Criteria account, you are presented with our recommended test battery for that role. This recommendation is based on the most common KSAs (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities) for the role. You can select the recommended test battery or use it as a basis for creating your own test battery for the job.

When considering which assessments to send to your candidates, please begin by thinking about what you want out of using assessments. What would you like to learn about your candidates? How do these traits relate to success in the role the candidates are applying for?

Click on the links below to learn about our assessments, and view example reports, case studies and report interpretation guides. 


Criteria assessments

What is measured

Workplace outcomes

Aptitude, Cognitive Ability

Cognify and UCognify

General Aptitude Mobile Evaluation (GAME)

Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT and UCAT)

Mechanical Reasoning (CMRA)

Attention Skills (CAST)

Problem solving

Attention to detail

Learning ability

Mechanical reasoning

Concentration and focus

Better job performance

Reduced turnover (involuntary)

Improved training outcomes

Increased productivity


Employee Personality Profile (EPP)

Workplace Alignment Assessment (WAA)


General personality traits

How candidates behave and interact with others

How well candidates “fit” with the job requirements (EPP) and the organisational environment (WAA)

Work factors that are most important to a candidate (WAA)

Increased job satisfaction and engagement

Improved communication and teamwork

Increased organisational commitment and engagement

Reduced turnover (voluntary)

Emotional Intelligence


Emotional perception, understanding and management

Improved leadership and customer satisfaction

Improved communication and teamwork


Work Safety Profile (WSP)

Work Productivity Profile (WPP)

Safety attitudes

Safety beliefs

Integrity and honesty

Improved safety motivation and participation

Reduced LTIs, MTIs and work cover claims

Reduced incidence of behaviours such as fraud, theft, dishonesty, shrinkage and absenteeism

Skills Tests

Basic Skills (CBST)

Computer Literacy & Internet Knowledge Test (CLIK)

Microsoft PowerPoint 365

Microsoft Word 365

Microsoft Excel 365

Microsoft Suite 2016

Typing Test and Ten Key Test


Job readiness

Basic computer skills

Microsoft office suite proficiency

Typing and data entry speed and accuracy

Reduced training requirements

Increased productivity


Video Interviewing

Key skills and experience required for the role

Reduced time to hire

Enhanced D&I

Consistent, structured and fair candidate screening

Enhanced candidate experience

If you have any questions about assessment selection, please contact your Customer Success Manager for assistance.

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