Take (or Connect) Your Personality Assessment

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Taking Your Personality Assessment

You may have completed a Criteria assessment when you applied for your role at your organisation. You may even have completed the Employee Personality Profile (EPP) as part of your application. If so, the process for completing the EPP for Develop will be a familiar one.

Once you have logged in to your Develop account, Click Profiles in the top menu and select your name.

Click Begin Personality Test in the Workplace Insights tab on your profile page.

  • If you have completed the EPP before, you can follow the instructions below to link these results to your Develop profile.
  • If you have not completed the EPP before, simply follow the prompts on screen to complete the assessment.

Once you have entered all your responses to the questions in the assessment, you will be sent an email containing a brief summary and a link allowing you to view your Workplace Insights. Click View Insights to be directed back to your Develop account.

You will be able to see your Workplace Insights Report straight away. Refresh the page if you are already logged into your Develop account to view the report.

Connecting Your Personality Assessment

You may have already taken the Employee Personality Profile when you applied for your organisation so you can easily leverage these previous results in the Develop Platform.

Select the Link Previous Results option in the Workplace Insights tab on your profile page.

If you have already selected the Begin Personality Test option, you will be taken to the testing centre. Click on the Click here link underneath the Continue button.

Enter in the email address associated with your Employee Personality Profile and click Continue. Note: If you took this assessment during the application process, you will need to enter the email you used when applying. If you took the assessment after joining the company, you may be need to enter in your work email.

You will then be directed to check your email for verification. If you did not receive the email, click Resend verification email.

In the verification email, click Link Results.

You will be taken to a page that confirms the results you would like to associate with your Develop profile. Once you click Connect my results you will see a message confirming that your results have been successfully linked.

Note: If there are no previous results associated with your current work email, or the email you used to apply for your job, you will be directed to log back into the Develop platform to start your personality assessment.

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