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Once your candidates have completed the video interviews you have invited them to do, you can now review their responses.

There are two places in your Criteria account where you can access your candidates' video interview responses and evaluate them: Dashboard and Results.

Accessing Video Interview Responses via Dashboard

On your Dashboard page are two tabs:

  • Incoming Candidates shows candidates who have recently completed assessments for you.
  • Video Interview Candidates shows candidates who have recently completed their video interview for you.
  1. Click on the Video Interview Candidates tab to view a list of candidates who have recently completed their video interview. If any evaluations are pending, this will be indicated by a number next to the tab heading. For example, if 1 evaluation is pending, "1" appears to the right of "Video Interview Candidates".
    1. Candidates whose video interview responses have been evaluated will have a status of "Evaluated". Click "See Scores" to view the candidate's scores for the video interview.
    2. Candidates whose video interview responses have not yet been evaluated will have a status of "Pending". Click "Evaluate" to open the modal and rate the candidate's responses.
  2. Unless you have chosen to hide candidate feedback comments in your job settings, these will appear at the top of the screen. Click play to view the candidate's response to each question.
    1. To the right of each question, select a rating for the candidate's response and add a comment.
    2. Beneath the last question recording for the interview, enter some notes into Final Comments regarding your overall evaluation of the candidate.
    3. Select your overall Recommendation rating for the candidate, based on their interview responses: Yes, No or Maybe.
  3. Once you have completed all required fields, the "Submit" button will become available. You will be able to return and view the candidate's video responses again later if you need to (via the Results tab), however, we recommend entering some detailed notes regarding your impressions of the candidate to provide yourself with a reminder about the candidate later.
    1. Any notes or ratings, including the overall Recommendation, cannot be changed once you have submitted your evaluation. If you wish to think about your responses to the candidate's video interview, we suggest adding your initial impressions but not clicking the Submit button until you are ready. You can return to the evaluation screen at any time until you have submitted it.
    2. If multiple reviewers are required to evaluate the candidate's video interview, the final reviewer will see a "Submit & Finish Evaluating" button. Once clicked, the candidate's evaluation scores will be viewable in the candidate card.
  4. A confirmation message will appear. Click "OK".
  5. The video interview results modal will show the submission time and an option to reevaluate the candidate's responses. Once you close the modal, that option will no longer be available. Click the cross in the top right corner of the modal to close it.

Accessing Video Interview Responses via Results

  1. To view all the candidates you have invited to complete a video interview and evaluate their responses, locate the job in your Criteria account and click on it. This will take you to the Results screen for the job.
  2. Click on the pipeline stage that contains the video interviewing step.
  3. Click on each tab in the Video Interview Status section to view the candidates who have been Invited, are In Progress or have Completed their interview.
    1. If the candidate has completed and all required evaluators have submitted their reviews, the candidate's scores will be visible. If the evaluations have not all been completed, users will see a dash for the score and the status will be Pending, rather than Completed.
    2. Click on the Video Interview tab in the candidate card, then click "Evaluators" to view a list of the evaluators and the status of their review.
    3. Click on "Score Summary" to view the ratings and comments for each question in the interview.
  4. If you have not submitted your evaluation of the candidate's responses to the video interview, a blue "Evaluate Interview" button is visible in the Video Interview tab in the candidate card. Click "Evaluate Interview" to open the same evaluation modal described above.
    1. Depending on your user role type, you may have access to view the evaluations posted by other reviewers before all the required evaluations are completed. This will appear in the "Score Summary" tab under Video Interview in the candidate card. We recommend not looking at other reviewer's ratings and remarks until you have completed your own evaluation, to help prevent unconscious bias affecting your impressions of the candidate.
    2. The collaborator type of user will only see dashes and no evaluator comments in this section until all evaluations are complete and the scores have been posted.

Reviewing evaluated responses and sharing them with others

Once you have submitted your evaluation of the candidate's responses to the video interview, you can review their responses by clicking "Review Responses" in the Video Interview tab on the candidate card. You will not be able to change the ratings or comments you have entered.

You can share a candidate's responses to the interview questions from the Review Results screen also.

Click "Share".

Enter the email addresses of the people you are sharing the responses with. Hit Enter after each address. Recipients do not need to have access to your Criteria Platform account. You can add a message if you wish.

Click "Send Link".

The people you have shared the candidate's responses with will receive an email with a link to view these. They will not have the ability to rate the candidate or enter comments.


You can download a spreadsheet of your candidates' video interview results from the Reports section under Manage. Click here to learn more about creating a report.

The Video Interview specific columns that can be added to the report are:

  • Video Assessment Total Score
  • Video Assessment Question Rating

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