How to Use the Manager Guide

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The Manager Guide provides tips for managing each of your employees based on their personality test results. Along with useful tips for managing employees, it also includes conversation starters to help you build trust, rapport and a positive working relationship with your direct reports. 

Admin users can view the Manager Guide for any users in Talent Insights. Managers can view the Manager Guide for anyone assigned to a team where they are the Team Lead.

1. Review the Manager Guide 

Set aside time to review the insights available in the Manager Guide for your team member. 

Read through the tips and conversation starters for: 

  • How to communicate 
  • How to support 
  • How to motivate  

Remember these tips and conversation starters shed light on what your team member needs to be fulfilled and engaged at work.  

As a manager, you want to use your development-focused conversations as an opportunity to understand who your employee is, what they are working towards, and how you can support them in getting there, and then tailor the conversation accordingly.  

2. Connect with your team member 

Having regular targeted conversations with your team member will enable you to stay informed and provide the support and development they need to get there. Leverage the conversation starters in your regular one-on-one meetings or schedule a dedicated time to connect with your team member. Be prepared to be flexible based on time constraints and the amount of input shared from your direct report. Prioritising two to three questions is a great place to start. 

Tips to remember 

Remain curious  

Show interest in your team member’s success by asking questions and seeking input to facilitate a meaningful discussion. The conversation starters in the Manager Guide provide sample questions you can use.  

Listen actively 

When you engage in active listening, it helps establish trust between you and your team member. Being a thoughtful listener encourages your team member to share their perspective and sets a comfortable tone that gives your team member an opportunity to think and speak.  

As an active listener, remember to: 

  • Be open to new ideas and perspectives 
  • Withhold judgement and reflect on what is being said 
  • Ask probing questions and seek clarification to get a clear understanding of your team member’s perspective and needs. 
Follow up 

Demonstrate to your team member that they take priority. Build and embed trust by following up on any agreed actions and continuing to keep them informed. 


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