Talent Insights for Employees

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What is Talent Insights?

Your organisation has chosen to implement Talent Insights to improve engagement and performance by empowering your teams with insights designed to drive self-awareness, communication, and collaboration. 

What does that mean?

For individual employees, Talent Insights is a tool that helps you gain deeper awareness of your strengths and opportunities for development. You can learn more about your colleagues’ work and communication styles and get actionable tips for effective collaboration.

For people managers, Talent Insights provides a better understanding of your teams’ dynamics, their collective strengths and potential gaps. With deep insight into each team member’s attributes, you will be better equipped to develop strong, authentic relationships and provide more tailored team integration and onboarding.

How do I access Talent Insights?

You will receive an invitation email from the admin user for your organisation. This will contain instructions and a link to join Talent Insights. To learn more about the steps to set up your user profile in Talent Insights, click here.

Can I invite my colleagues to Talent Insights?

This will depend on your level of access within Talent Insights and whether your organisation has allowed this. If you are able to invite your colleagues to Talent Insights, you will see an Invite button when you log into your account. Click here to learn more.

I have already completed the Employee Personality Profile. Can I use those results?

If you are an employee who has been invited to join Talent Insights, and you completed the Employee Personality Profile (EPP) when you applied for the role with your organisation, you can link your EPP results to your profile in Talent Insights. Here's how.

How do I share my results with my team?

You can share your Workplace Insights Report and Collaboration Guide with your colleagues by updating the permissions for your user profile. Click here to learn how.

I have changed roles and am no longer part of the same team. How do I update this in Talent Insights?

Your manager or organisation admin will add you to any new team (or teams) that you are now a part of. To leave a team, you can follow the steps here.

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