3 Steps to Launch Talent Insights

Updated by Amy Thomas

Talent Insights is only available to customers on a Professional or Enterprise subscription plan. If you’d like more information, please contact your Customer Success Manager and we’ll organise a demo for you.

You’ve decided to roll out Talent Insights - Congratulations! This guide will help you roll out Talent Insights quickly and effectively to your organisation.   

 Tip: Teamwork can help you launch Talent Insights. A successful team might include: 

  • Sponsor: Usually a CEO or VP, People & Culture - this person has the vision and drives changes 
  • Project Lead: Usually a People & Culture/L&D Manager - this person manages the roll out process for a successful launch 
  • Department leads and champions: this team helps drive engagement throughout the organisation 
  • Admins: This team handles support of the rollout and managers the users within Talent Insights 
  1. Get Familiar  

 We recommend getting familiar with Talent Insights before rolling it out across the entire organisation. And the best way to get familiar is to:  

  1. Plan your launch and set up your teams  

Now that you are familiar with Talent Insights, you can start planning your launch.  

  • Plan how you would like to roll out Talent Insights to the rest of the organisation. You can go with a ‘big bang’ approach and roll it out to the entire organisation or adopt a phased approach and stagger the launch across specific departments and teams.  

Tip: As you prepare to launch Talent Insights, make sure you and your employees are aligned on the following: 

Why are we using Talent Insights?

How will this help us work better together?

Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more about linking your HRIS to Talent Insights.

  1. Invite your company  

Good communication means that your employees that Talent Insights is coming. It also ensures that they not only know how to use it, but why they are using it and how it helps them in their work. 

  • Share an announcement with your employees to let them know Talent Insights is available and create excitement. 
  • Continue to invite new employees to join Talent Insights by sending invites from the Admin Console. 

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