Creating a Job

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A job defines which assessments or video interview your candidates will be completing, as well as any other additional pieces of information you’d like to collect in the process (for example application forms, resumes, certifications and cover letters).

Before creating a new job, there are a few tasks that need to be completed.

Find the video walkthrough here.

Create the job

  1. On the right side of the Dashboard or the Jobs screen, click the blue Create a Job button.
  2. Enter your Job Title into the Job Title box – you'll see some recommended job titles in a dropdown as you type. If you would like to also include an internal reference or job title (optional), click on Internal Reference Name to display this field. Type your internal reference into the field.
    1. The Internal Reference Name can also be included in your reports. You may find this useful if you need to sort or allocate results based on department, location or cost center. Click here to learn how to create a custom report.
  3. Select your evaluation tools. Tick Assessments or Video Interview or both, depending on your requirements for this job.
    1. Learn more about how combining assessments and video interview strengthens your talent signal by clicking in the link in your Criteria account.
    2. Click Discover the benefits to learn how using video interviews can improve your recruitment process.
    3. If you do not currently have video interviewing enabled for your account you will not be able to select this here. To learn more about video interviewing, and to schedule a demonstration with your customer success manager, click on Learn More.
  4. Click Next. At the top of the screen is the job creation progress bar. This indicates how many steps are involved in creating the job and where you are in the process.
  5. If you have opted to include assessments in your job, you will be presented with the Job Profiler screen, where you need to select the Test Battery to be used. If you are not using assessments, you will not see this screen and will instead proceed directly to Step 5 below.
    1. There are two tabs on the Job Profiler screen:
      1. Criteria Recommended Test Battery displays the tests that we recommend for the position you have entered. You can search for different test batteries using the keyword search option.
      2. Custom Test Batteries displays the test batteries (groups of tests) set up in your account. If the tests you want to use are not yet grouped into a battery, click Create Custom Test Battery, to create a test battery on the fly.
    Click on the test battery for this job, then click Select this Test Battery.
  6. If you have opted to include a video interview in your job, you will be directed to the Configure Video Interview screen. If not, your job has been created and you will proceed directly to Step 7 below.
    1. Select the Video Interview Template from the dropdown list.
    2. Select the Evaluators who will be reviewing your candidates' responses.
    3. Select the Number of Evaluations Required. The scoring for your candidates' responses will not be visible in the platform until this number of evaluators have completed and submitted their review.
  7. Click Invite Candidates. Your job has been created.
  8. If you plan to use your Criteria account's default settings for your job, you can now begin inviting candidates.
    1. Open links are not automatically posted to any job posting sites. You will need to copy the Open Link to paste into job ads, your careers page, an email inviting candidates to apply, or another location.
    2. Click Invite Candidates to add and invite specific candidates.

Job settings

Your Criteria account will have default settings for the invitation email template, expiry date, candidate time zone and automatically sending your candidates the Workplace Insights Report (if relevant for this job).

If you want to use different settings for your job from your Criteria account's defaults, click the cross in the top right corner of the Invite Candidates popup, or click outside the popup message to close it and view the Job Settings screen.

Evaluation Tools, Pipeline and Automation

On the Job Settings screen, the assessments selected for the job (if relevant) are displayed before the video interview.

By default, the test battery will be added to the Incoming stage of the pipeline, and the video interview will be added to the next stage. Your Criteria account's default pipeline will be selected for the job, but you can change this in Job Settings.


To make changes to the test battery, for example, to add a score range, click ... near the top right corner of the Evaluation Tools section.

Note that the Evaluation Tools section indicates which pipeline stage the test battery (or test batteries) and video interview occur in.

Video Interview

To make changes to the video interview, click Edit to the right of this card. Complete any updates and click Save.

  1. Pipeline Stage: You can select to move the Video Interviewing component to a different pipeline stage here.
  2. Video Interview Template: Select your preconfigured video interview template from the dropdown list. If your preferred Template is not showing, you can follow the instructions here to create a new one.
  3. Evaluators: Select each evaluator who will be reviewing the candidates' video responses. You can type their name to locate them if you have a large number of users.

To use any of the options to minimise bias, click the down arrow next to each evaluator's name to select these. (These are optional.)

1. Hide video: hide the candidates' videos

2. Hide Personal Details: hide the candidates' personal details

3. Disguise Voice: disguise the candidates' voices

4. Hide Feedback Messages: hide any feedback messages candidates have added to their video responses

  1. Number of Evaluations Required: Select the number of evaluations that are required to be completed before the candidate's video interview is considered complete. For example, if you select two, then two reviewers need to complete their evaluation of each candidate's video interview before their results become visible. If only one reviewer completes the evaluation, no scores will appear in the platform as the evaluation is not complete.
  2. Invitation Settings: Select the invitation email to send to candidates for this stage of the pipeline. This can be a different template from the default for the job.

The pipeline is also where you will add an application form to the Incoming stage, before setting the requirements for any documents to be collected.

  1. Click Edit in the Application section.
  2. Select the application form to be used and any documents you want candidates to provide.
  3. Click Save.

Within the Criteria platform, you can add automated tasks that will progress candidates who do or don't meet the role requirements into specific pipeline stages. Click here to learn more about setting this up in your job.

Email and expiry date settings

To set a default invitation email for the job, click Edit next to Email. You can also set a different email template for different stages in the pipeline.

If you would like to automatically send your candidates a copy of their Workplace Insights Report when they finish completing the assessments, toggle this on.

If you have set an expiry date for your candidates' invitations, you can set the time zone that candidates will see in their invitation emails and when they access the candidate assessment center.

  1. Click Edit next to Event Expiration.
  2. Select how long to provide the candidates to complete the task, the time zone the invitation will be displayed in and the reminder email template that will be sent to candidates 24 hours before the expiry time.
  3. Click Save.

All candidate tasks or Events will have the same number of days until expiry. For example, if you set the expiry at 14 days, the candidate will have 14 days from the time they click on the application form to complete their application, 14 days from the time of invitation to complete their assessments and 14 days from the time of invitation to complete their video interview.

Landing and exit pages

To change the Landing Page and Exit Page from your Criteria account's default option, click Edit next to Branding.

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