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One of the things that sets Criteria apart is our amazing team of in-house I/O (Industrial / Organisational) psychologists.

At Criteria, our commitment is to deliver quality assessments that are rigorously designed to meet the highest level of scientific standards. Our I/O Psychologists, along with our Scientific Advisory board, strive to create assessments that are precise and reliable, and that help provide you with objective, easy to interpret information that not only improves the hiring decision, but also makes the process more objective and fair.

Our tests are not only extensively validated when they are first developed, but we continue to validate them through case studies with our customers. These studies show how testing can help predict job performance and have an impact on reducing turnover, increasing productivity, or decreasing disciplinary actions.

Our I/O psychologists can also help you make the most out of your Criteria account to improve your recruitment and talent outcomes. Partner with our Consulting Psychology team and work with a dedicated Consulting Psychologist to grow and transform your talent acquisition and management strategies.

Here's how our Consulting Psychologists can help you and your organisation:

Build a data-driven recruitment program

Make sure your hires are the perfect fit for the role by measuring what matters. Work with a dedicated Consulting Psychologist to develop an assessment program that will deliver great results for your organisation and exceptional experiences for your candidates. We’ll help you set the vision for your program, assess where you are in your journey, and build a roadmap to help you drive the best outcomes.

Create a competency-based hiring program

From design and enablement, to implementation using Criteria’s suite of assessments under the Criteria Competency Framework, we’ll help you embed competency-based hiring in your recruitment program. A Consulting Psychologist will work with you to gain a crystal-clear picture of your job requirements and the competencies required to succeed in that role. This will in turn, help you find stellar candidates that demonstrate high competency potential.

Deliver effective structured interviews

Drive your recruitment program forward with structured hiring using Criteria’s powerful Video Interviewing feature. Work with a dedicated Consulting Psychologist to design and deliver a structured hiring process that is fair, objective, and minimises bias.

Creating custom score ranges and benchmarks

Every role requires a unique combination of skills, competencies and behavioural traits in order for them to perform effectively. Your Consulting Psychologist will help you assess and develop appropriate score ranges for individual assessments and jobs. And based on data from over 20 million assessment administrations, we can help you create organisation-specific score recommendations so that you can make more informed talent decisions.

Making reasonable adjustments and accessibility accommodations

Create an inclusive hiring process that embraces a wide range of thinking styles and provides the opportunity for everyone to apply, regardless of their background or circumstances. Your Consulting Psychologist will provide advice and recommendations on appropriate adjustments in your hiring process to ensure your recruitment process is fair and equitable for all.

Quantify the ROI of your program

You know that using assessments makes your recruitment process more robust and scientific. It’s equally important to have hard evidence of the tangible outcomes you’re achieving across your organisation. From vision to value, tell us your aims and our experts will help you collect the data, run the analysis and report back on the insights.

Conduct a validation study

Validation studies are incredibly valuable in helping you strengthen the evidence base for the use of assessments in your context. Work with a Consulting Psychologist who will help you conduct a validation study using rigorous research methodology to ensure accuracy and objectivity. Armed with the insights from your validation study, you will be able to more confidently predict the future behaviour and performance of your talent.

Align assessments with strategy

One of the biggest factors that can affect a successful talent program is ensuring all key stakeholders are comfortable and confident with the project. A Consulting Psychologist will work with you to align your stakeholders and help you expand your program faster. We will work with you to understand your strategy, clarify your goals, and help you develop your business case for assessments.

Understand Talent Insights

Talent Insights is all about empowering people and teams to thrive! This training session is designed to help your teams understand how they can use the data in Talent Insights to enhance self-awareness and personal development. The session will explore the Talent Insights framework and personality traits, and help your teams leverage the rich data to understand their own unique strengths and opportunities for development.

Talent Insights: Leading with Insight sessions

Create, cultivate, and manage high-performing teams using Talent Insights. Work with a Consulting Psychologist who will help you facilitate a high-impact training session for your people leaders. The Leading with Insight session is designed to help your managers and leaders use Talent Insights data to truly understand what energises their team and where they contribute the most value.

Assessment training

Our predictive assessments precisely measure abilities, behaviours, skills and performance potential. Our assessment training leverages our experienced Consulting Psychologists to help transform your team’s ability to deliver talent success programs effectively and efficiently.

Interested in adding a psych subscription to your Criteria account? Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more.

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